Conversion courses



Conversion courses


Top - note that at the end of war, Ned Sparkes crewed up with other instructors at 85 OTU to convert to Lancaster and train for Tiger Force.
Left - wedding photograph a full length image of an airman wearing tunic with half brevet and holding peaked cap under his arm standing arm in arm with his bride who was wearing wedding dress and holding bouquet. Captioned '4 August 1945. Converting to marital status, St Dunstan's Church North Cheam'.
Top right - six aircrew wearing battledress sitting as a group on grass.
Middle right - six aircrew standing in line under the nose of a Lancaster.
Bottom right - six aircrew sitting in a bunch. Captioned 'Converting to Lancasters Cottesmore, crew top photograph left to right, rear gunner ? Navigator "Ginger Monither, Wireless Op Ken Proctor, Mid Upper Eric ? Flight Eng Self, Skipper Alec Humphries, Bomb Aimer Taff? (on the left bottom photo)'.

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Four b/w photographs with printed explanatory notes mounted on an album page

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