The Nuremburg raid and target token



The Nuremburg raid and target token
Aiming point certificate


Left - copy of book page 82 (Headed: the Nurenburg raid) with details of American operations, 617 Squadron operation to Lyons as well as attack on Brunswick and railway junction at Vaires. Noted one Halifax missing from a Canadian Squadron on latter operation.
Right - target token (le Mans). Consist of artwork of Wellington and Halifax, target photograph and name of crew: P/O Pitt, F/O Page, F/S Meddings, Sgt McIntyre, F/S Heron, Sgt Sparkes, P/O Badgery. Signed by AOC 6 Group.
Below - explanatory note on target tokens - given by AOC 6 Group with a bottle of whiskey to all crews who obtained a photograph of aiming point.

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One printed document and one printed certificate with accompanying typewritten note all mounted on an album page

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