Combat report



Combat report


Reports from Flt Lt Thiele flying Tempest claiming one and a half Ju-52s. Includes reports from P/O R Hassall (half u-52) and F/Sgt M J Rose, two Fw 190.

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[underlined] [three missing words] [/underlined]

[underlined] F/Lt. K.F. Thiele, D.S.O., D.F.C. [/underlined] (N.Z.)

[underlined] P/O R. Hassall [/underlined] (R.C.A.F.)

[underlined] F/Sgt M.J. Rose [/underlined]

[underlined] Date: [/underlined] 14/1/45

[underlined] Squadron: [/underlined] 3

[underlined] Type & Mark of A/C: [/underlined] Tempest V

[underlined] Time Up & Down: [/underlined] 14.09 – 15.40

[underlined] Place of Attack: [/underlined] Detmold A/D.

[underlined] Time of Attack: [/underlined] 15.00

[underlined] Height of Own A/c on first sighting: [/underlined] 4000 ft.

[underlined] Height of Enemy A/c on first sighting: [/underlined] On ground.

[underlined] Our casualtis: [sic] [/underlined] Nil

[underlined] Enemy casualties: [/underlined] F/Lt. K.F. Thiele – 1 Ju.52 (believed) destroyed, 1/2 believed Ju.52 destroyed (shared with P/O Hassall)
P/O R. Hassall – 1/2 believed Ju.52 destroyed (shared with F/Lt. Thiele)
F/Sgt. M.J. Rose – 2 Fw.190’s damaged

[underlined] Personal Reports:- [/underlined]

F/Lt. K.F. Thiele, D.S.O., D.F.C. (N.Z.) reports:-

“I was leading 7 a/c on an armed recce to Paderborn area when I sighted approx. 10 large a/c & a number of s/e F/A on Detmold A/D. I took down Red Section (myself, P/O Hassall & F/Sgt. Rose), P/O Hassall & myself attacking a believed Ju.52 which went up in flames after strikes had been observed by both of us. We climbed & then went down again, P/O Hassall overshooting & making no attack. I obtained strikes on a second believed Ju.52 & saw this also burst in flames. Both a/c were seen burning on the ground by the remainder of the squadron as we left for base.

I claim 1 1/2 believed Ju.52’s destroyed
(1/2 believed Ju.52 destroyed shared with P/O Hassall)” [signature] F/Lt

P/O R. Hassall (R.C.A.F.) reports:-

“I was flying Red 2. I followed Red 1 down & saw him attack the port of two T/E a/c (which I believe were Ju.52’s), standing facing N. in blast bays at the end of a runway. I fired a short burst opening range 400 yds., seeing two strikes in the cabin. I then followed Red 1 in a port orbit & a second attack. This time he attacked the starboard a/c & I did not fire owing to the necessity of fitting a new bulb in my sight. I noticed that the port aircraft was smoking & by the time we left, black smoke was rising to 1000 ft. in 2 separate columns with flames as well.

I also saw some Fw.190’s under camouflage nets alongside the Ju.52’s.

I claim 1/2 believed Ju.52 destroyed (shared with F/Lt. K.F. Thiele)”.
[signature] P/O

F/Sgt. M.J. Rose reports:-

“I was flying Red 3. I followed Red 2 down in long line astern. In the first attack I opened fire at long range on 12 or more s/e a/c parked under large mesh nets to the left of the t/e a/c described above. Each a/c cowling had a canvas cover. Three of my guns ceased fire almost immediately, but as I closed range I trained the remaining gun on one of the a/c & saw many strikes on the fuselage, resulting in the top of it collapsing, although the a/c did not catch fire.

I orbitted [sic] & attacked again, this time very low, & lined up 2 of the a/c, one behind the other. I fired a series of short bursts & saw a few strikes on the first a/c. I was unable to identify the a/c positively, but thought they were 190’s.

I claim 2 Fw.190’s damaged.

I confirm that I saw two a/c on fire on the ground, with smoke to 1000 ft.”

(Cine camera used by all 3 pilots)

[signature] F/O



K F Thiele, R Hassell, and M J Rose, “Combat report,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed March 5, 2024,

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