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Starts with account of life at school (Rendcomb College) from 1931 to 1937. Continues with decade 1938-1948 starting with time at Cheltenham Art School in 1938 and 1939. Continues with account of wartime activity including enlistment, training at RAF…

Left - colour postcard showing steps leading up to pillared, domed monument with figure holding up sword on top. Captioned 'Teutoberger Wald, Hermannsdenkmal, and handwritten annotation 'August 6 1945, bank Holiday'.
Right - colour postcard showing…

Top left - view down winding valley with tree covered hills either side.
Top right - view across the top of trees of a town in the distance.
Bottom left - view down a country road with stone balustrade on left at front, fields to the left and…

Top - torn ticket to a 'Kirchenkonzert' in Detmold.
Middle - two tickets to the Detmolder Lichtspiele.
Bottom - ticket to Chambres Meubles 'Madame Suzy' Amiens.

Left - view down village street with timber framed houses either side.
Right - view through trees of distant church. Captioned 'Heiligenkirchen'.

Left - view of Christuskirche with spire.
Top right - view across road with jeep in front of a large two storey building with attic windows.
Bottom middle - distant view of two storey buildings.
Bottom right - distant view of two storey buildings.

Top left - view across grass of two large buildings surrounded by trees.
Top right - view along road with cars. Large building on the left with tower.
Bottom left - view across road junction of two large buildings in the distance.
Bottom right -…

Top left - side view of two destroyed Me 109s in a field.
Top right - front view of a destroyed Me 109 in a field.
Bottom left - side view of a destroyed me 109 in a field.
Bottom right - view of several destroyed German aircraft including a Me…


Top left - a large pile of destroyed German aircraft in a field in front of a destroyed hangar.
Top right - entranceway of a large columned building with 'RAF' inscribed above with pedestrian and cyclist in the foreground. Captioned 'Landestheatre…

Top left - front quarter view of a destroyed Me 109 on the ground. Top right - pile of destroyed German aircraft with tail number '491220' Ju-87 on top.
Bottom left - side view of a destroyed Me 109 in a field.
Bottom right - view of two…

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Top left - a number of people on a pavement looking at notice boards. Man holding a bicycle in foreground left.
Top right - view across field surrounded by trees.
Bottom left - donkey/horse drawn cat with man driving and bow in the back moving…

Top left - four airmen sitting at a table with beer steins outside a stone building. Captioned 'On the road to Bielefeld, Saturday August 4, 1945',
Top middle - three airmen standing in front of a destroyed building. Captioned 'Bielefeld August 4…

Left - view of castle with round tower captioned 'Das Schloss, Detmold'.
Top - view of street with destroyed buildings. Captioned Detmold, June 1945'.
Bottom - view of gateway with truck driving through and people outside. Captioned 'RAF station,…

Christmas card: on the front a 1946 calendar on the left and seasons greetings from air division control commission, Germany 1945, on the right. Inside a cartoon map of part of England and northwest Europe with RAF figures traveling to Detmold and…

Top left - note with service number at Uxbridge 1939.
Top centre - ticket with text.
Top right - cinema ticket to Detmolder Lichtspiele.
Bottom left - blurred image of two airman either side of a stone Nazi eagle.
Right middle - blurred image…

Card with text '907804 Sgt Field, Detmold, Germany, November 1945'.

View across the roofs of a town with trees in the foreground. On the reverse captioned 'Lippe-Detmold, eine wunderschöne Stadt'.

Colour postcard with view down town street of wooden beamed buildings on either side. On the reverse 'Lippe-Detmold, eine wunderschöne Stadt'.

View into a valley with tree covered hills on the far side.

View down narrow cobbled street with buildings either side.

Identification kindly provided by Ed Strohmaier of the Finding the location WW1 & WW2 Facebook group.

A road runs left to right with an number of pedestrians in military uniform walking in both directions. A large two storey building with attic windows is on the far side of the road.

Identification kindly provided by Tommy Hmlnk and Ed Strohmaier…

View across road of a long building with two storeys and windows in attic roof. Two pedestrians on far left. On the reverse 'A426 Detmold'.

Identification kindly provided by Tommy Hmlnk and Ed Strohmaier of the Finding the location WW1 & WW2…

View down a road with a large two storey building on the right. A truck and bicycle going down road and pedestrian either side.

View along town street with buildings on the left and right. A person is entering doorway half way along. On the reverse 'Detmold'.

White two storey building with tiled roof surrounded by trees. On the reverse 'Mill near Detmold'
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