Personal combat report



Personal combat report


Combat reports from Flight Lieutenant Thiele flying a Tempest and claiming one Me 109 shot down.

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F/Lt. K.F. Thiele D.S.O.,
3 Squadron.

[underlined] PERSONAL COMBAT REPORT [/underlined]

Date: 24.12.44

Squadron: 3

Type & Mark of a/c: Tempest V.

Time up & down: 1154 – 1305.

Place of attack: 4 miles N.E. Malmedy.

Time of attack: 1230 hrs

Height of e/a on first sighting: 25,000 ft.

Height of own a/c on first sighting: 14,000 ft.

Our casualties: Nil

Enemy casualties: 1 Me.109 destroyed (F/L Thiele D.S.O. D.F.C.)

Personal Reports:

F/Lt. Thiele reports:

“I was flying Red 1 and leading the squadron on a patrol of Julich – Malmedy. Control reported bandits at 25000 ft. in the St. Vith area. The sqdn. had previously been split up by a bounce by Thunderbolts, and I only had Red 3 and 4 with me. Red 3 could not jettison his tanks, and I climbed with Red 4 towards about ten vapour trails moving South. When I had climbed to 20,000 ft the a/c above had turned N. towards me. I continued to close and when about 2000 ft below identified the a/c as 10 Me 109’s. They saw me at the sme [sic] time, and broke away in all directions. I selected two which had broken toward me, and still climbing, turned behind them. When I had closed to about 250 yds the No 2 stopped turning and climbed again. I fired a short burst from about 50 yds dead astern. I saw pieces fly off the starboard wing, the outer half of which crumpled. The e/a turned over to starboard and spun slowly down, pouring white smoke from the engine. I was unable to follow as the first hun was getting on my tail. The e/a I attacked was soon to crash by 274 sqdn, and I claim one Me109 destroyed.”
[signature] F/Lt.

S/Ldr Mackie reports: “At approximately 1230 while patrolling at 11,000 ft, I saw two vapour trails intercept several other vapour trails about 15 or 20 miles South of Aachen at a great height. Some of the vapour trails turned to starboard, followed by the two interceptors, and then I saw an a/c detach itself from the gaggle and spin into the ground, apparently on fire [missing word] it left a clearly defined smoke trail all the way down. I was not close enough to identify this as an e/a, but I saw it crash and blow up in a dark mushroom of [missing word] in the hills about 15 – 20 miles south of Aachen.”
[signature] S/Ldr

[signature] F/Lt.
Senior Intelligence Officer.

(cine camera used by all 3 pilots)



K F Theile, “Personal combat report,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed March 31, 2023,

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