Letter from Mervyn Adder to his brother Alex



Letter from Mervyn Adder to his brother Alex


Letter and explanatory note. Remarks that it had been eight week since he had leave and he could use some now. Mentions that he expected to go to a squadron later that week. States that previous night was first night free for a week due to weather and unserviceable aircraft. Mentions a crew landing at Riccall and having a great night out in Leeds. Comments that Mary's brother was home from 8th Army. Continues to relate daily activities and catches up with news of friends. Writes they might be posted to a station with a Rhodesian squadron. Comments that pilots in 5 Group were getting commissions and mentions that after he had been on the squadron for a short time he would be put in for one.




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Four page handwritten letter and printed explanatory note


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Sgt M. Adder.
Sgts. Mess
RAF Station


Dear Alex,

Thanks a lot for your letter, I was pleased to see that you had a good time when you were on leave and hope that you have been able to get home again since, or have you been too busy!

It seems ages since I was on leave, it will be about eight weeks since I had leave from OTU., anyhow I could just use some right now but don’t think we shall get it from here as we go right to a Squadron, and we should be going some time this week as we only have one more trip to do here.

Last night was the first night we [inserted] have [/inserted] had free for a week, the rest of the week we have been flying, however we were scrubbed quite a few nights due to weather and

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our misfortune to strike U.S kites, which besides keeping us on the ground also ruined our night. Friday night was one of these nights, the kite wasn’t fit and we hung about until it was too late to do the exercise which I had been looking forward to as we were going to be diverted on our return, and was annoyed when I found out that they came down at Riccall. I believe they had a wizard night in Leeds.

Mary’s brother, the one in the Eighth Army, is back in this country, and the Saturday before last they had a binge which I was invited to but couldn’t make, at least it turned out that I could have done if I had just hopped it and I certainly wish I had. We were due to fly on the Saturday night but was [deleted] to [/deleted] scrubbed too late for me to catch the

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train and Sunday was a stinker of a day so again no flying, and therefore I could have made it. This weekend they had another binge and again I had to fly so have been rather cheesed off, however we only have one more night of it here and it might be tonight.

Roland Northedge was married a week last Saturday at a small village near Lincoln, I was invited but again the sorry tale, I couldn’t make it, anyhow I sent them a wedding present and received some of the cake so it must have happened. I was rather surprised when I learnt that he was going to be married as I never knew he was engaged again, but knew that he was going out with a girl. She was a bus conductress, has a twin sister, which I thinked [sic] foxed Bill at first,

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and is a farmer’s daughter which is all the ‘gen’ I know about her, however I guess I shall meet her some time, perhaps soon. We might be posted to the same ‘drome as Bill, as there is a Rhodesian Squadron there and they are trying to get as many Rhodesians [deleted] there [/deleted] as possible and the AOC. asked Arthur the other day if he would like to go there. Arthur is getting his commission very soon, it appears that all pilots in V Group get their commissions, he also put in a word for me so that after I have been on the Squadron for a short time I shall put in for one.

Well I guess that is all the ‘gen’ for the present so TTFN.

All the Best,


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30 November 1943

Mervyn is coming to the end of his posting at RAF Winthorpe, near Newark (he left that Friday) and is longing for some leave. The intensity of the workload is apparent in this letter as so much time seems to be spent on standby which is seriously curtailing boozing expeditions. Here he mentions Mary’s brother serving in the eighth army who was home on leave and having a night out. Also, he enviously refer to some fellow aircrew who had made an emergency landing at Riccall and had a wizard night out in Leeds.



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