Letter from Mervyn Adder to his brother Alex



Letter from Mervyn Adder to his brother Alex


Letter and explanatory note. Writes from hospital after reporting sick the previous day and describes experiences. Enjoying the facility of having radio which was not available in the NAAFI on base. Mentions he had been at RAF Millom for a week but had done no flying due to weather. Comments on his recent mail. Mentions prospect of getting engaged and that he had not told his mother yet.




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Four page handwritten letter and printed explanatory note


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1459790 L.A.C. Adder M.
Hut 114
RAF Station


Dear Alex,

So sorry about the delay in answering your letter but as you will see from the address I have changed Stations in the meantime and with this and having about a dozen letters to answer I have been kept rather busy.

I am writing this letter in pencil as I am in bed – in hospital. I reported sick yesterday morning as I felt absolutely lousy, a terrific headache and a temperature of 101 in the shade so they shoved me in dock and I have been in bed ever since. You have a super time here but am I browned off with sticking in bed all day they wouldnt [sic] even let me get up to shave today – so I shaved in bed. (I think I could [deleted] stick [/deleted] [inserted] put [/inserted] it in here quite well – I have grown a moustache, it’s very fair inclined to be slightly

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ginger but it’s definitely there and quite thick. The medicine they give you is absolutely lousy – it makes you ill to drink it, but the little food we do get is very good as are the W.A.A.F.S who look after you. Another attraction is the wireless which they have in the ward, I didnt [sic] feel very fit yesterday but I enjoyed the commentary on the Arsenal – Spurs match and it’s a nice change to hear a dance band again as they haven’t a wireless in the NAAFI at this place and therefore until yesterday I hadn’t listened to the wireless for quite a while.

I have been at this place a fortnight now and haven’t done any flying yet, this is due to the weather, this area I believe is known as the Piss Pot of England and very rightly so, and during our first week we had of course to get to know the ropes. A few days ago flying was scrubbed due to bad weather this didn’t bother four of us in our section as we hadn’t been detailed therefore when we were told, half way through the morning to put our flying kit on we were very surprised indeed. Nothing happened

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as we weren’t allowed to take off, we were going to look for a Beau down in the drink and we were going along for air experience – were we annoyed when it had to be scrubbed although I guess they know best and they were found later.

I had a Christmas Card forwarded on from home the other day it was from Marian, the girl in America, and a surprise too so I guess I will have to drop her a line in the near future. I received a letter from Louis & Don at the same time, Louis is taking a final course at Fort William (Inverness) before going into Coastal Forces and Don is taking his Link Trainer Instructors course before going to Elstree – he should have a good time there.

I didn’t mention to Mother the prospect of Mary and I becoming engaged as everything went to cock that last weekend and we couldn’t do anything about it then. It’s absolutely a dead cert. for my next leave which will be about twelve weeks hence.

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I dont [sic] think there is anything else to tell you at the moment Alex so I will sign off now

All the best.


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14 February 1943

Mervyn wrote this to Dad from his hospital bed. He must have had a very bad bout of influenza as he was hospitalised from 13 February until 19 March.

He writes of growing a moustache which was slightly ginger! Also he is enjoying listening to the wireless as they didn’t have one in the NAAFI. He also writes about his forthcoming engagement. Obviously he and Dad shared secrets from their Mother as she was so disapproving of everything.



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