Letter to Mervyn Adder's father from the Red Cross



Letter to Mervyn Adder's father from the Red Cross


Reports that source of information that his son had lost his life along with Flying Officer J R Berrington and Sergeant C Clark was a German report to international Red Cross in Geneva. Report included information that Flying Officer T H Fynn was a prisoner.




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S/MFE/RAF/C 11500

27th July, 1944

Dear Mr. Adder,

We deeply regret that you will by now have heard from the Air Ministry that your son, Pilot Officer M. Adder, No. 175073, has been posted “Missing, believed Killed in Action”, and we should like to offer you the deep sympathy of all in this Department.

The report that your son, Sergeant G. Clark, and Flying Officer J.R. Berrington, lost their lives on the 15th March, 1944, was sent to the International Red Cross Committee at Geneva in an official German statement. The further information was included that Flying Officer T.H. Fynn was taken prisoner.

Further enquiries are being made about Pilot Officer Adder’s death and place of burial, and you will be notified without delay when any information reaches the Air Ministry or ourselves.

We shall also endeavour to get into touch with the airman taken prisoner, and should we succeed in obtaining any helpful additional news from this source we shall of course communicate with you again.


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Many answers are being received to enquiries of this kind, but we are afraid that they often take several months to come through.

With again our deepest sympathy.

Yours sincerely,

Margaret Ampthill.


A. Adder, Esq.,
153, Albert Avenue,

P.S. We referred to your son as Pilot Officer and used the number 175073 because we have been notified by the Air Ministry of his promotion and of the new Royal Air Force number which is always allotted with commissioned rank.



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