Probyn, Ernest. Scrapbook


Probyn, Ernest. Scrapbook


42 items. Scrapbook containing photographs and clippings.




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Probyn, EA

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Lancasters and a Lincoln
Five photographs from an album.
#1 is a side view of a flying Lancaster PA474 PM-M2 at low level.
#2 is a side view of a Lancaster PA474 KM-B on the ground.
#3 is a side view of a Lancaster, PA474, SR-D, flying low over a dam.
#4 is a port side…

50/61 Squadron Events
#1 is a programme for a 50/61 squadron dining in night.
#2 is a programme for a 5-/61 squadron annual reunion dinner.
#3 is a colour photograph of a soldier.
#4 and 5 are tickets for No. 50 squadron Disbandment Ceremony.

Lancaster Paintings
Two paintings of a Lancaster from an album. In the first, by David Shepherd, the Lancaster is being readied for an operation with bombs being loaded and a fuelling truck waiting. In the second three Lancasters are taxying for take off.

Bomber Command Reunion Dinner Programmes
Reunion dinner programmes for six different events.
Also photographs of Lincoln cathedral and a Lancaster.

Salute to Super-Heroes
A certificate awarded to Ernest from the Confederation Europeenne des Anciens Combattants.
A newspaper article about tail-end charlies and a service held at St Clement's Dane church.

Cartoon of Ernest Probyn, Hercules, Hastings and RAF Gatow
A cartoon captioned 'Drawn by Danny Lee, one time police cadet at Bletchley. No prizes for guessing who it is.'
A photo of a Hercules.
A photo of a Hastings.
A photo of a sign for RAF Gatow.

RAF Memorials
15 photographs from an album. #1 to 6 are of the RAF Memorial at Plymouth Hoe, also the final resting place for the ashes of Donald Bennett, Commander of the Pathfinders.#7 is a memorial at RAF Silverstone. #8 is a memorial at RAF Moreton-in-Marsh #9…

Memorials at Lincolnshire Airfields
23 photographs from an album.
#1 is 617 squadron memorial at RAF Woodhall Spa.
#2 is 44 squadron memorial at RAF Waddington.
#3 and 4 is a plaque at 'The Wild Life' pub at Skellingthorpe.
#5 is a memorial at East Kirkby.
#6 is a close up of the…

RAF Skellingthorpe Memorial
15 photographs taken during the unveiling of the memorial.
#1 and 2 are of the village sign outside the Skellingthorpe Village Hall.
#3 is a view of the memorial with the wreaths left at the ceremony.
#4 and 5 are the standards and attendees at…

A Day to Remember
Three documents -
#1 The unveiling of a memorial at RAF Skellingthorpe recorded in the Lincolnshire Echo.
#2 is an invitation to a 40s night at the Birchwood Leisure & Community Centre.
#3 is an invitation to Ernest's wife to attend the unveiling…

83 Squadron Thanksgiving and Dedication of Memorial Chapel
Two 83 Squadron Events.
The first is a Thanksgiving at Lincoln Minster and the second is a Dedication at Coningsby.

Presentation of the Squadron Standards, Waddington
The cover of a programme of events at the Presentation of the Squadron Standards at Waddington on 15 June 1967.
A second document is an invitation to a reception in the Officers' Mess for Ernest and his wife.
A third document is an invitation to…

Air Cadet Camp and Reunion
Two photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is a group of air cadets under the port side of a Hercules, captioned 'Summer Camp at RAF Thorney Island, Hants. Self with Warrant Officer Jack Parker 1975'.
Photo 2 is Ernest and two civilians. Ernest is…

Dominies, Glider and Ernest Probyn
Seven photographs from an album.
Photos 1, 2 and 3 are air to air photographs of two Dominies, captioned 'RAF Stradishall, Norfolk, 1971. Summer Camp. Dominie aircraft of No 1 Air Navigation School'.
Photo 4 is a Slingsby Cadet glider of the Air…

Ernest Probyn's Promotion to Flying Officer
Two documents, the first captioned 'Photostat copy of original. Reduced size', appoints Ernest as a Pilot Officer in the Volunteer Reserve and originates from Elizabeth II. The second is an extract from the London Gazette and Queen's List and is a…

RAF Skellingthorpe, 1965
Five photographs of RAF Skellingthorpe captioned 'RAF Skellingthorpe, Lincs in 1965. Showing main runway and dispersal where QR-M at one time was parked'.

Burning Albemarle and Leave Passes
Two photographs of a burning Albemarle with '44' on the nose. They are captioned 'RAF Hampstead Norris, Berks. August 1946.
There are two leave passes from Hampstead Norris for Ernest Probyn.

Log book extract
Showing the last operational sorties of the war in Europe by the main force. His pilots on operations were Flight Lieutenant Briant and Flight Lieutenant Sommers.

RAF Skellingthorpe
A vertical aerial photograph of the airfield with annotated north, numbers 1 to 13, Manser School and a rough square. It is captioned 'Plan of former RAF Skellingthorpe airfield, showing runways'.

Two Stage Show Programmes
Two programmes, the first for 'Take a Look' a victory revue and the second for 'The Desert Song', a musical. They are captioned 'Two programmes for stage shows held at RAF Station Cosford during last half of 1945'.

Two Casualty Lists
Two lists of casualties from 'Flight' relating to March 1945. The first is captioned 'Casualty list showing names of our hut mates killed over Hamburg 7/8th March 1945' and the second 'Casualty list showing names of some of our friends, who were…

Ernest Probyn, Photograph, Ration Card, Service of Thanksgiving and Warrant Officer Rank Badge
Four items from an album.
Item 1 is a three quarter length portrait of Ernes, captioned 'Warrant Officer at RAF Coningsby, No 83 Path Finder Force'.
Item 2 is an RAF ration card.
Item 3 is a pamphlet for a Service of Thanksgiving on the cessation…

Ernest Probyn's Warrant
A warrant appointing Ernest as a Warrant Officer. It is captioned 'Received from RAF Records in October 1984, 39 years late'.

RAF Journal and Tee Emm
Two covers of two different journals published by the RAF in 1944.

Gun, Browning, .303, Mark II Notes
Gunnery notes issued to Ernest in 1943 at RAF Bridgnorth.
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