Letter from Pat Hogan to his father



Letter from Pat Hogan to his father


Reports on recent mail and arrival of food parcels. Catches up on news from home and mentions some of his recent activities including weather and the crew's new gunner.




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Two page handwritten letter


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Write the address in large BLOCK letters in the [indecipherable word] below. The address must NOT be typewritten. 734696

[boxed] TO:- Mr. D Hogan, 64 Chapel St, [indecipherable word] Victoria Australia [/boxed] [post mark]

Write the message very clearly below this line.

Sender Name & Address [indecipherable word] F/S Hogan P. RAAF [2 indecipherable words] 12 Oct ’44

Dear Dad,

A couple of air letters from [indecipherable word] have turned up in the last week but it is quite a while since I’ve heard directly from you at home & I hope all is well. The first cake arrived the other day in perfect condition, very moist and fresh quite acceptable too because tucker is a little light over here.
[indecipherable word] tells me that my first parcel to you arrived. I’m sorry some of the articles in [2 indecipherable words] were distateful [sic] to Marie but after being amongst all types in the forces one now realises that all types must be catered for & in time I suppose such things go by almost unnoticed.

Glad to see Fitzroy (Australian Rules Football Team, Victoria) come out on top this year - that is when I heard the Dons were out of it. [indecipherable word] seems to have a pretty decent hand again this spring. I still keep interested although we are about one month or two behind with Melbourne racing news. Caulfield Cup on Saturday too isn’t it. We had hopes of going to Pontefract on Saturday to see out first meeting. Dante the country’s champion 2 year old is back in the north & will be running up here. However, perhaps luckily, we have Friday off & will be working on Saturday. The most remarkable thing in English racing to my mind is the fact that Gordon Richards & Billy Nevett in south & north respectively dominate everything. They average a treble a meeting I think. The rest are divided amongst a few other [indecipherable word]



P J Hogan, “Letter from Pat Hogan to his father,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed July 19, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/31840.

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