Letter from Pat Hogan to his father



Letter from Pat Hogan to his father


Catches up with recent mail. catches up with news of friend and mentions learning a lot, that spring is in the air, doing PT, swimming, sports and the weather. Writes catching up with family news.




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Sender’s Name and Address: AUS 440464 Sgt Hogan PJ RAAF AUSPO LONDON WC4. Date: 25-4-’44.
[date stamp 27 APR 1944]
Dear Dad,
Your air mail letter written before Marie’s Airgraph arrived yesterday a week later than the Airgraph. The 2/1 postage seems a slight waste as the other service is quicker and only 3d per page. Glad to know Dan has left his reception centre for I know now how boring they can get however well one may be treated. Don’t think I am not kept going. We are learning quite a lot here and they deal it out in a most interesting way and [inserted] besides [/inserted] with, spring in the air, we have the incentive to improve our physical fitness with compulsory P.T and swimming (indoor) and any type of sporting gear is made available for our use. I started on football, migrated to golf and last Sunday I even took to cycling. I know it must sound incredible that I should suddenly acquire all this energy but really Dad the weather has been beautiful lately. Nice clear bluesky [sic] and the countryside is always a beautiful patchwork quilt of varying hues of green. It has been moderately warm but the visibility is always very hazy. Of course it is not dark till 10 these evenings, and they are beautifully mild. I saw a very good show last night entitled “The Sullivans”. Don’t miss it.
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To get back to your letter, keep me posted on Dan. Pleased to hear that Eileen likes Echuca and wonder whether she received the airgraph I addressed to her at [indecipherable word] Also glad to know that Jim is settling down alright in Wang; Doreen is well and studying hard to keep her out of mischief and that Marie enjoyed her stay in Macedon. How is Joyce Enselly coming along? Regards to her and her people! Your assertion that Kev is working so hard reminds me of the days at school when you appeared to be under the impression I worked a damn site harder than I really did. Still Kev may be different – could be anyway. Surprised to hear of Mary Ryan’s wedding and will probably write her direct. I’ll endeavour to call on Flegg and Hogg when I get to London again but am afraid the haunts of my stone-throwing forefathers is out of the question under present conditions although I’d like to make it. I can’t recall the list of relations and neighbours you mentioned in your letter but please reciprocate my regards to them all. Am kept well in touch with Australian news and sporting events. Incidentally, like a good little boy I’ve scarcely shown any interest in the fast approaching local spring classics. How’s my form. Love to all the family. P



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