Zeitz oil refinery



Zeitz oil refinery
Unknown town


Top - reconnaissance photograph of a almost totally destroyed industrial facility. A few buildings towards the top of the photograph appear intact. Captioned 'Zeitz oil refinery. Submitted with description 'Aerial photo of Zeltz [sic] oil refinery showing bomb damage. Air Ministry photo No. C4985'.
Bottom - oblique aerial photograph of a town with destroyed and damaged buildings, particularly those from middle to top of photograph. Railway track running middle left to bottom right shows no sign of damage. Idle railway locomotive and tender sits against buffers in siding with three unconnected loose wagons behind it. Possibly two further smaller tank locomotives in same siding further to the left interspersed with other loose wagons. Captioned 'Unknown town'. Submitted with description 'Oblique "Cook's tour" aerial photo of unknown town showing bomb damage, railway and buildings'.

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Two b/w photographs mounted on an album page


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