Letter from Harold Fry's father to RAF central depository



Letter from Harold Fry's father to RAF central depository


Writes that he had received the personal effects of his son and notes that some financial items were missing. Confirms that the correct leather bag was returned.




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159, South Park Drive
Ilford Essex.

Monday 8th May 1944.

The Officer Commanding
Central Depositry
R.A.F. Colnbrook
Near Slough

[underlined] Your reference B. V. 15270 [/underlined]

Dear Sir,

Referring to your letter of the 3rd May, I duly received on that day, the personal effects of my son 130598 A/F/Lt. H.L.Fry with the exception of the following items which I understand were extracted by the Unit and forwarded to Air Ministry Accounts 13, worcester,

The items are
Stroud Post Office Savings Bank Book No. 26161.
National Savings Certificates for 26 Units.
One Lloyds Bank Ltd Cheque Book.

I enclose herewith the inventory list and the convoy note as requested in your letter of the 3rd inst.

XX With further reference to my letters of the 13th March and the 2nd May I now confirm that the correct leather bag of my sons’ effects has been returned, therefore the item of “One Empty Black Case” should read “Empty Dark Blue Hide Leather Bag”, and I have corrected the inventory accordingly. I desire to thank all persons concerned for the way they have looked after the effects of my unfortunate son.

Yours faithfully

Leonard Fry

XX. P.S. These two letters were addressed to P/O S.C. Holliday [inserted] of (Slough) [/inserted]



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