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Acknowledges receipt of son's post office savings book.

Applying for recommendation for remission of death duties on estate of son.

Replies to previous letter and while held out hope now concluded as eight months had passed that their son had lost his life.

Accepts the conclusion in their previous correspondence that his son lost his life on 29 January 1944.

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List items that arrived by post on previous day and returning signed docket.

Writes that he had received the personal effects of his son and notes that some financial items were missing. Confirms that the correct leather bag was returned.

Writes that he would be glad to hear when he might expect to receive his son's personal effects. Enquires after dark blue case.

Asks for them to arrange to send his son's personal effects to his address.

Letter concerning his son's national savings certificates.

Applying for war gratuity on behalf of his son presumed killed 29 January 1944.
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