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Newspaper cutting announcing safe arrival of Oscar Jensen in England. Includes b/w full face portrait.

A Tea towel with a sketch map of Eastern England. 93 airfields are numbered and named, the different bombers are depicted and named, the Group headquarters are named and there is a quote from Winston Churchill.

Two photographs, first is formal photograph, 61 individuals posed in thee rows, in front of brick building with large windows. Captioned 'No 38 SFTS RAF Estavan, Saskatchewan, Canada, December 1942.
Second is of 43 aircrew trainees and four staff,…

Map showing England western Europe.
It is unused.

A thatched farm house. On the reverse 'Mellow English Farm House, From Sandy'.

A three span stone bridge across a river. On the reverse 'A small part of Heaven - England'.

Similar to the leaflets dropped by John Allnutt and his crew during their training at 27 OTU.

Luftwaffe dropping fake leaflets
Goebbels-Henriot producing fake leaflets, such as counterfeit ‘Le Courrier de l’Air’ newspapers, dropped…

Maps showing England and Western Germany with very faint route to east Germany.

An aeronautical chart of the southern part of the North Sea.

An aeronautical chart with part of a route marked on.

RAF map from the Wash to Firth of Tay, Shows relief and danger areas.

A map covering the south of England.

A 1:500000 map of the Straits of Dover, covering the South East of England, Northern France, Belgium and Southern Holland.

Full face portrait of a man. Captioned (struck through) 'Gerard Waucquez who brought news to England that we had met Dec 1941'.

Top - a man and a woman in winter clothes standing with tree in the background. Captioned 'Janine and Freddy de Greef, France 1941'. Bottom - an RAF officer on the left stands talking to a man in army uniform and a woman in wedding dress. Captioned…

A brief memoir of Frank and Freddie Horry written by Freddie's wife.
There is a short memoir about Frank and a longer memoir about Freddie.
There are three stories about different operations.

A sketch map of airfields in the south east of England, as far south as Ipswich. It is drawn on graph paper and has a scale of 3.2 miles to 1 inch.

Left page. Top - autograph from Jean Batten after congratulations for record flight Australia to England. Bottom - autograph from Giles Guthrie and note of England to South Africa air race with W A Scott.
Bottom right - photograph of two men…

Four photographs on an album page.

Photo 1 is a group of airmen sitting at tables, captioned 'Briefing for return trip'.
Photo 2 is of five Lincoln aircraft captioned 'Awaiting T.O. for Castle Benito'.
Photo 3 and 4 are two photographs cut in…

Photo 1 is a man in a suit rowing a boat, identified as Dick Osmond.
Photo 2 is a woman leaning on a boat, identified as Lena Hodge.
Photo 3 is a couple including Arthur Thomas.
Photo 4 and 5 are two different couples in two boats.
Photo 6 is a…


Ordnance Survey aeronautical map of the south west of England, scale 1/4 inch to one mile, sheet 7.

Ordnance Survey air chart of the north east of England, scale 1/4 inch to one mile, sheet 3.
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