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A group of 14 airmen at the nose of a Halifax. One airman, in a leather jacket, is holding a bottle up to the aircraft. Nose art has 45 operation 'bombs' and a crest with 'Ville de Quebec'.

The leaflet has two maps of Cairo and adverts for holidays, restaurants, a book on Cpyrus [sic], language books and Arabic, French and Italian phrases.

Rex Searle in khaki and shorts leaning on a railing of a promenade. Behind is a warning sign in French and Arabic stating that it is dangerous to bathe here.

A list of 12 Cairo photographs, in English and French.

Album cover for a collection of photographs of Cairo

A list of the 12 photographs contained in the album, in English and French.

Three propaganda leaflets and one photo of a Wellington 'O', Z1337.

Item 1 is a map of the centre of Lyons.
Item 2 is a post it note in Polish.
Item 3 and 4 are small tickets marked 'Controle' with Mieczysław Stachiewicz name handwritten on.
Item 5 is a badge in red, white and blue with 'Secours National' -…

Documents relating to a sea voyage from Greece to Marseilles.
Item 1 is a ticket with a handwritten name and cabin number.
Item 2 is a ship taken from another ship.
Item 3 is a ticket referring to Mieczysław Stachiewicz and issued by Organe…


Noted not to be produced in public; a list of phrases in German, Spanish, French and Dutch.


The ticket is a receipt for the hire of a pair of skates, issued by Skating 'Le Mosan'.

Two cinema tickets #10660 and 10661 for the Omnia cinema in Douai. Price Fr 10.

Propaganda leaflet dropped by the RAF in France.


Cerificate of award of La Croix du Combattant de L'Europe from the Confederation Europeenne des Anciens Combattants to G Cruickshank

Wartime news about the war in Australia, Japanese aggression at sea, the Axis in the Mediterranean, the New Disorder, the war in Russia and Lady MacRobert's Stirling in memory of her sons.

Propaganda leaflet in French about the Battle of the Atlantic.

The following talk was recently addressed on London Radio by an officer now serving in the Free French Naval Forces to his brother, an officer on board the “Strasbourg”. It sums up in a moving manner the distressing conflict between military duty…


Three page war propaganda stories.The main story cover bombing of Rostock using Free French aircrew.

A three page document with war propaganda stories.

A German soldier in full uniform and seated. On the reverse text in French with a smaller image of the Nazi officer.


Medal with blue ribbon with European star circle emblem. Front and back views.

Certificate of award of La Croix du Combattant de L'Europe. Awarded by the European Veterans' Confederation to Arthur James Pearce DFM PFF.

A street map with handwritten additions. The Pinder Club is indicated with a printed caption.

Mentions photographs taken the day after the attack by bomber command on 8/9 February 1944 do not permit detailed assessment. Damage is seen to south west half of the works and more than half the main machine shops have been destroyed. States that…

Copy of a photograph of three women and one young boy, young girl and baby. There are asterisks on the photograph above the young girl and the woman on the right. A further hand-written asterisk is on the right-hand border. At the bottom on the…
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