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Top left shows a building with the caption "ORAN- L'Ecole Ardaillon".
Top right shows a clock with two people crossing a road and cars parked on both sides of the street behind them. Palm trees are lining the street.
Middle left shows a street…

A letter written in French, with accompanying English translation sent to Mrs Hunt. The French letter was written by an Auguste Bally, an Adjudant in the Gendarmerie. The letter is sent as a reply to Mrs Hunt, thanking Bally for information on her…

Two men in uniform stood to attention in front of wooden building ‘390’. Reverse: “Post Card Carte Postale”.

A French language newspaper published in London and dropped in France to supply war news.

A printed of the crest of 617 Squadron,

A large group of men and women arranged in six or seven tows in front of an ornate brick building, identified as the Franco-British College, managed by La Cite Universitaire de Paris. On the reverse 'Scottish Party [indecipherable] Fondation…

Marie-Thérèse expresses her thanks for the letter she has received but explains that what she has done for the allied soldiers was simply her way of thanking them; her two sons were able to grow up as a result. She informs them that she has laid…

Winston Churchill being cheered in Sheffield; naval warfare in the Atlantic; German invasion of Russia; actions of the Free French Forces plus photographs of various military leaders.

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Advises civilians of action to take during allied bombings.

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Bertie's Father's flying certificate.

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A postcard of 'The King's House' in Brussels.

Both sides of a Belgian 25c coin.

Four cloth badges, font and reverse.

Both sides of a Ten Franc banknote.

Both sides of a Five franc banknote.

A printed napkin from the Raadskelder restaurant and tea room, Gent.

A printed napkin from a Brussels hotel.

A Belgian beer mat. On the reverse are addresses in French.

Three photographs from an album.
#1 is the Kondiaronk Belvedere with a large flagpole and many pedestrians.
#2 is a large metal cross known as the Mount Royal Cross.
#3 is a view along a street towards the Architects' Building, a skyscraper.

Four photographs from an album.
#1 is of distant large buildings with a river in the foreground.
#2 is a river with a forest in the distance.
#3 is a view from Kondiaronk Belvedere over downtown Montreal. Several skyscrapers are visible including…

Four photographs from an album.
#1 Mary, Queen of the World Cathedral viewed from across the street with passing cars and a tram. The statue of Bishop Ignace Bourget is on the right.
#2 is a view across a small park to St George's Anglican…

Four photographs from an album.
#1 is Montreal viewed from a hillside.
#2 and 4 are general views from a hillside.
#3 is looking across the St Lawrence to Montreal with the Jacques Cartier bridge in the distance.

A young girl standing in front of an aircraft engine. On the reverse 'Therese Del Sole devant le moteur d'avion env? 1945 a Notre Dame de Bliquetuit'.

The letter thanks Roland for his card and news, seeking more information about his life and news of John. They are all in good health and good wishes are sent from several people. He is updated on family members, acquaintances and work. Roland is…

The letter seeks news from Ron and his friend, who hid at their house and recalls several people. It expresses affection to them both while hoping to hear from him.
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