Draft history



Draft history


List of events covering joining the RAF, selection for pilot, training and start of operations.

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[circled HYMN 12] PSALM 121.

[circled 1] 1937/38 Hampdens at Scampton Night Landing - flashlights [indecipherable word] light.

[circled 2] Go to [indecipherable word] in sitting posture.

[circled 3] Medical in Dec 1938 took whole day. - 3 or 4 doctors.

[circled 4] Aptitude test including inverted flying - Miles Magister a modern training A/C.

[circled 5] On holiday at Scarborough. Friday 6pm [inserted] 1st Set. [/inserted] to report to RAF Centre Sun-day 3rd.

[circled 6] Bexhill on Sea - De la War Pavilion. Marching from Sackville Hotel. 600 rooms. W/officers in charge. Flow in attic. [indecipherable word] [inserted] [indecipherable word] [/inserted] him on each [indeci-pherable word].
Gunnery in local garage.
By end of Nov. more organised.
P.E. Instructor Len Harvey-Boxer.

[circled 7] Perth & Prestwick completing initial [indecipherable word] 4 engined Dutch [indecipherable word] A/C [indecipherable word] - [indecipherable word].
Sealand near Chester Airspeed Oxfords. - above average rating -

[circled 9] Operational training unit Cottesmore, Rutland Hampdens - John Nettleton V.C.
106 Sqdn Finningley Oct 1940. Coningsby Jan 41.
Minelaying Keil Canal Skageroe & Catezal 600 ft 150 mph. [indecipherable word] one [indecipherable word]
[two indecipherable words] as on B17 Flying Fortress. Blind [two indecipherable words] Blenheims. Wad-dington

[circled 10] Cottesmore as Op. flying instructor 33 trips Test flights.

[circled 11] Central Flying School Course.



“Draft history,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed July 16, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/28319.

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