Letter from Joan Wareing, to husband Bob



Letter from Joan Wareing, to husband Bob


Letter which was redirected to the Air Ministry. She writes that she has not heard from him for a few days. She writes about family and friends and her social activities. She says that his parcel arrived the previous day but that he would have to wait for its return as her mother had already finished the washing. She wishes they could be together again to sunbathe and swim and hopes the weather remains fine for his next leave. She asked how his health is and is thinking about how hot it is when Bob is flying.




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Six page handwritten letter and envelope


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[postage stamp]
[underlined] SQUADRON LEADER ROBERT WAREING. D.F.C. & BAR, [/underlined]
[inserted] Redirection label [/inserted]
[page break]
56, West Common Gardens,
Old Brumby,
August 8th 1944.
My Darling Bob
I was most disappointed at not receiving a letter from you yesterday. It seems a long time since Saturday’s post. Today, I shall have to wait until teatime, as I have been to town for lunch today.
Mum & Dad have cycled to Little Hirst. I wish I could have gone too,
[page break]
though really I am contented at work.
I spent all yesterday in the glorious sunshine & I am now wizzardly [sic] brown. Even A.J. remarked on my darkness, today!! I was in the garden yesterday morning, shelling peas, cutting flowers etc and then Alice called and we had a ‘critical’ hour, discussing everybody!!
In the afternoon, I just lay in the sunshine
[page break]
until 4.00 pm then went to Messingham for tea and garden Fete. The latter was not very interesting fare, but I met [underlined] all [/underlined] our relations I think!!
By the way, your parcel arrived just as Mum had finished washing, so you will have to wait a day or two, I’m afraid.
My only dress at home, was my tennis skirt, so you can imagine
[page break]
the colour I looked against white – I do keep wishing we were together to sunbathe & swim. I was longing to swim all yesterday and am hoping we shall have good ([underlined] very [/underlined]) weather on our next leave then we can go to the Ancholme or somewhere
I have delivered Wilf’s shirt c/o Mr Robert’s to forward. I didn’t bother about showing Wilf them both. They are quite
[page break]
equal when you come to examine them.
Yesterday, I put my swimming suit on, to sunbathe, Mum was so disgusted with me, so I changed back into shorts. (I think, she thought [underlined] Billie [/underlined] would be spying on me - !)
A.J. seems to have fully recuperated. Have you dear? I have had a series of pains in my tummy
[page break]
recently, but I think they were indigestion. I seem better again.
I kept thinking how hot it will be for you flying dearest. Do take care and write and tell me all you can.
Well dearest, here’s
Cheerio for now.
Yours for Ever,



J Wareing, “Letter from Joan Wareing, to husband Bob,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed July 14, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/28271.

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