Letter to Mrs Wareing from E.A.S. Lowe



Letter to Mrs Wareing from E.A.S. Lowe


Writes expressing deep sorrow that Mr Wareing has been reported missing, from himself and other members of the community.




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Four page handwritten letter


“The Manse”
104, Northampton Rd
Market Harboro:
[underlined]Aug 29th [/underlined]
My Dearest Mrs Wareing,
We are indeed distressed at the news which we’ve received, & our hearts go out to you in deepest sympathy in your great anxiety. I had been planning to write to you over the week end, for just a day or two ago we had a card from Mr Goldthorpe, & he said he knew how deeply sorry we would be to know that Mr Wareing had been reported missing. Then on Sun: eve I saw Mrs Sowter after the service. She also had heard the grave news, & said she would be writing you. She & Mr Sowter held you both in the
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highest esteem.
Later on Sunday I met Mrs Hancock. You will probably remember meeting her husband. He is at the ‘Drome here. He is a talented musician, a very fine tenor singer, & sometimes plays our organ. When Mrs Hancock knew I was going to write to you, she especially asked me to tell you how grieved the men at the ‘Drome were, & how deeply they all respected, &, I might truly say – loved, Mr Wareing. It is a very wonderful thing to have won the regard of men like that. It will be a joy & pride to you to know this even in these days of terrible anxiety.
We too knew how very fine & good he was, & we were
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very fond of you both & greatly appreciated your fellowship & service all the while you were with us. We are grieved to the heart that this great anxiety has come to you. It seems hard that owing to official secrecy one cannot get further information. We do not wonder at your being ill, for the shock must have been just terrible, but we do admire your brave heart & are thankful indeed that you are feeling rather better. We do most earnestly & sincerely join our prayers [deleted] our prayers [/deleted] to yours that your brave, gallant husband will be safely restored to you. One is constantly hearing
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& reading of such things happening even after a very long time, & we’ll keep that hope bright & shining.
May God be with you me dear & bless you very richly & give you the desire of your heart.
Our loving thoughts are with you
Ever yours
E.A.S. Lowe



E A S Lowe, “Letter to Mrs Wareing from E.A.S. Lowe ,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 15, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/28211.

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