Letter from Wynne Bell to Joan Wareing



Letter from Wynne Bell to Joan Wareing


Writes to let her know she was thinking of her and that she had heard the news that Bob was missing from friends the week before. She has now learned that he is a prisoner of war and conveys her relief at this news. She asks that Joan give her best regards to Bob when she next writes and hopes he will be home soon. She mentions that she understands Bob is in hospital and hopes that it isn’t too serious.




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28, Whittell Gardens,
4th October, 1944.
My dear Joan,
I saw Jean and Don last week in town and learned the awful news that Bob was missing. I asked for your address, just to let you know I was thinking of you both, and it arrived last night.
At the same time I had a letter from Elizabeth Johnson to say that Bob was a Prisoner. Gosh I was so relieved and pleased for you. Barney Johnson had flown with Bob several times I believe, and we just couldn’t believe that he had gone. Thank God you’ve got that terrible suspense over, and can now plan your future with a lighter mind.
When you write to Bob please give him my very best regards – you ought to have him home again with a few months don’t you think? I have a brother at Luft 111 and we are still hoping he may be home for Christmas.
I understand Bob is in hospital, and I do hope it isn’t too serious. When I first heard the news that he was safe nothing else seemed to matter, but I imagine you are having a pretty worrying time as its probably so difficult to get any real news through.
Anyway I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you in the hope he’ll be o.k. and that you will soon both be together again, and able to forget the terrible time you have been through.
All the best to you both.
Kindest regards.



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