Letter from Alan Green to his parents



Letter from Alan Green to his parents


Alan still has not heard from his parents. He asks after Basil. He lists some items to be sent to him.




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One handwritten envelope and letter


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[inserted] Written 20-8-42 [/inserted]

[underlined] Kriegsgefangenenpost [/underlined]

[inserted] OPENED BY EXAMINER 7953 [/inserted]

Mr & Mrs W.H. Green
Firs Estate
Kenilworth Rd

[sender] F/O Green

[page break]


My Dear Folks

I have been expecting mail for the past two weeks, but since nothing has as yet been forthcoming, I decided I had [underlined] better write again [/underlined] to let you know that I am still alive & well. I am also getting rather anxious (in view of recent development) for Basil's safety. You naturally will be unable to say anything but that he is OK. [underlined] Please forward all my letters on to him, [/underlined] - I cannot write direct, and please explain to him the situation.

I assume that you are now fully acquainted with what can be sent to me. A razor and some blades would be a welcome addition to the T. Paste & Brushes I requested in my last letter. Will you also surrender my cheque book, and ask the bank to send me a statement now, and one every 3 months in future. When I was at the station, I earned for myself a [underlined] 2nd Class navigator's certificate. [/underlined]
Will you procure this for me? or get Philip Gales to do so. I believe that my caterpillar should have differently coloured eyes for my having made two jumps. I have informed Pip of this, & would like you to see that I get it. _ Did you get [underlined] my silver cigarette case? [/underlined].

There is little to report from this end, except the unbroken monotony of life. I think I have read more books in the last two months than in 6 years prior to them. What to me is the most obnoxious is the waste of valuable time. Life is short enough without spending years in such places as these. However, I suppose I am exceedingly lucky to be able to look forward to “after the war” at all. Please send my [underlined] uniform [/underlined] as soon as possible, and other neccessities (sic) such as shirts, collars, ties, shoes & a pair of braces.

Hope by now that have had & enjoyed your holiday. Tell Pa not to kill himself at work. Love to staff & all friends & Gwen. Alan



Alan Green, “Letter from Alan Green to his parents,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed November 28, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/28146.

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