Letter from Alan Green to his parents



Letter from Alan Green to his parents


He presents a list of items he would like sent. He spends a lot of time reading, finding it difficult to write. He asks after his other family members.




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One handwritten envelope and letter


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[inserted] Written 25.7.42 [/inserted]

[underlined] Kriegsgefangenenpost [/underlined]

Mr & Mrs W.H. Green
Firs Estate
Kenilworth Road

[sender P/O Green

[inserted] OPENED BY EXAMINER 3087 [/inserted]

[page break]


My Dear Folks

Although my ration of letters is exceedingly small, (3 per month), and I have all the spare time in the world in which to write, I still have difficulty in bringing myself into the right frame of mind for it. Apart from this, there is so much I would say if only I could. - Don't be surprised therefore when my letters resolve themselves into no more than lists of requests. I have as yet received nothing from you and do not expect a letter for another month. - Letters take anything from two weeks to three months to arrive from England, and parcels anything up to 6 months or more. The only way that you can hope to get anything to me is to [underlined] keep up a steady stream. [/underlined] I refer here to [underlined] cigarette [/underlined] parcels and [underlined] clothes [/underlined] parcels containing a letter – [underlined] chocolate [/underlined] and [underlined] invalid parcels. [/underlined]

I am very well, though not unnaturally a little browned off. I spend most of my time reading, there being a reasonable library here. The remainder of my time is spent sleeping and playing a few games – eating does not take up much time. [underlined] I would start to study for my PART II if only I could get the books [/underlined], because I would then feel that I was doing something which would be useful to me later on.

[underlined] How are things going on at the business? [/underlined] I hope you have had the little holiday you were planning, and have all enjoyed it, because I know you would be worrying like hell when I was reported missing. If you have not had it take one now. Give my love to all the staff and to Grandma's both, and to all my friends, and above all to Basil & Gwen.

Should you decide to send me a [underlined] uniform parcel, send my 2nd best uniform [inserted] (get Sharpe to put F/Officer tapes on my clothes) [/inserted] some blue shirts, ties, collars, and my servie dress – hat. + a tooth brush or two & tooth paste. [/underlined]

All for now
Your ever loving son.



Alan Green, “Letter from Alan Green to his parents,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 21, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/28145.

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