Letter from Alan Green to his parents



Letter from Alan Green to his parents


A letter written from a prisoner of war camp to his family. He has just arrived and states that he is well. His tone is quite up beat.




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One handwritten envelope and letter


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[inserted] Written 27.6.42 [/inserted]

[underlined] Kriegsgefangenenpost [/underlined]

Mr & Mrs W.H. Green
Firs Estate
Kenilworth Rd

[sender P/O Green
Number not yet allotted

[inserted] OPENED BY EXAMINER 500 [/inserted]

[page break]


My Dear Folks

Just a line to let you know that [indecipherable words] me yet. I cannot of course tell you anything of that which occasioned my “holiday” here. I am quite well, and uninjured. The food is reasonably good – thanks to the R. Cross, and I am doing my best to keep myself fit, and free from boredom. I hope sincerely that you did as I requested as soon as you heard I was missing, and went & collected my belongings from X. The night before I came “unstuck” we had a wonderful party at X, and I took along the girl whom I mentioned on my leave. Her adress [sic] is Miss June Ramsden Stow Bardolph Hall Stowe Downham Market. I would like Mrs Sutton to write her to see if she is OK for cosmetics etc. She appreciates good stuff, and I want to keep things going, at least until further notice. If you decide that you cannot keep my car, then sell it, but it should fetch about £70, but will be worth a lot more one day if you can keep it. Make sure you get [underlined] all [/underlined] my personal stuff. Pip will help you. All I have with me is my watch & fountain pens. Let me know if Basil is OK, but mention no place names please. This camp is a temporary place, & you should send reply to STAMMLAGER LFT III Germany. The one snag about this place is lack of good news. We know nothing of what is going on in the outside world. You can send me parcels, details from Red Cross, and I would like some shoes (1pr), shirts (2), underpants, & cotton shorts, any old things will do! I hope you did not worry too much before news came through that I was a P.O.W. Ma said she would not. Whatever you do, keep up your spirits, and fight like hell, I am keeping up mine! If you like, I will write by bank, and advise them to give Pa a free hand. Let me know if this is advisable. Give my love to all concerned. Whatever else you do don't worry, I am quite OK.

All for now
Alan W. Green P/O



Alan Green, “Letter from Alan Green to his parents,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 24, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/28143.

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