Letter to Joan Wareing from Alan



Letter to Joan Wareing from Alan


He writes thanking her for her letter and invitation to visit and that he is delighted she has received news from Bob and that he is well. He hopes he will be one of the first to meet him when he gets back. He mentions that he is going to R.A.F. Hospital Halton regarding his ankle and hopes he will be fully fit. He is looking for a new job and mentions his wife and that they are on leave and staying in hotels which is quite expensive. He hopes to get together when Bob eventually gets home.



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Bridgewater Arms Hotel,
Little Gaddesden
Near Berkhampsted
Dear Joan,
Thank you so much for your long letter, and your pleasant invitation to visit you. I shall certainly try & pop up there if I have an opportunity. I am really delighted to learn that you have received, first-hand news of Bobs 1 & 2!, and that they are getting along well.
Do please, let me know when they are homeward bound, as I’d like to be one of the first to meet them. In addition I might be able to show them the quickest way to get their affairs straightened out, &
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save them unnecessary journeys from one department of Air Ministry to another.
I am going to Halton R.A.F. Hospital this week-end & hope to find my ankle completely fit once more. In the meantime, I must start looking round for a new job somewhere – possibly in the old 92 Group area. I missed a leg up in March by going back to a Squadron, & hope I might be lucky enough to get it this time. I think Bob & I have completed the same number of Ops now, & we shall have had it for a time at least. Naturally, I have to think more carefully with a wife to think about now, & you will understand
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exactly how it is.
Anne is on leave with me, as I think I told you, & was fortunate to get five weeks off. Unfortunately, as both our homes are shut up at the moment, it gets pretty expensive staying at hotels all the while – However ‘c’est la guerre’, and I doubt whether we shall ever have such a long holiday together again.
I wish you had been at our wedding with Bob – I am sure you’d have loved it. He made a wizard best man and thoroughly enjoyed himself I think. [deleted] Rember [/deleted] Remember the one at Kettering too? I hope they are getting along all right & managed
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a real honey-moon since then.
Well, Joan, I must get along with my mounting correspondence. I must apologize for my writing – my new pen is a poor substitute for my lost Parker, alas!
Here’s to a gathering of the clans when the lads get home!




“Letter to Joan Wareing from Alan,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed September 23, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/28092.

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