Hook, Ken


Hook, Ken
Kenneth Gordon Hook
K G Hook


53 items. The collection concerns Flying Officer Kenneth Hook DFM (b. 1923, 1335989, 195765 Royal Air Force) and contains his log books, documents, photographs, objects and correspondence. He flew operations as an air gunner with 75 Squadron.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Iain Hook and catalogued by Trevor Hardcastle.




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Hook, KG

Collection Items

Covering letter for award of the Bomber Command Clasp
The standard letter from Ministry of Defence when making an award, and a printed form indicating which award had been made.

Bomber Command clasp
Presentation box and clasp with ribbon.

Unofficial Bomber Command Medal
A commemorative medal for airmen who served in Bomber Command in a presentation case for Kenneth Hook.

Ken Hook's medal box
Wooden box, engraved on the lid with his service details, large enough to contain his medals, his aircrew whistle, identity discs, and aircraft fragments.

Fragments from crashed Stirling
Four small fragments, captioned ' bits from 75 Squadron Stirling crash 1/12/43 on approach to R.A.F. Acklington returning damaged from an op. A/c hit a cottage on approach to airfield. 6 crew and five children killed. Location of crash North…

Aircrew medal bar
Front and reverse.

Ken Hook's aircrew whistle
Three views of an ACME whistle Patent number 620720 made in England.

Ken Hook's identity discs
Four disks front and reverse.

Ken Hook's decorations
Ken's mounted medals.
Distinguished Flying Medal, 1939 to 1945 Star, Air Crew Europe Star, Defence Medal, War Medal 1939 to 1945, Africa General Service medal and Long Service and Good Conduct Medal.

France and Germany Star
Unmounted 1939-45 France and Germany Star with ribbon.

New Zealand medal
Unmounted medal with ribbon, reverse of medal, for service to New Zealand 1939-1945.

Lancaster and ground crew
Three ground crew, one working on the port inner engine, posed in front of Lancaster parked on it's dispersal, servicing equipment in the background. Under the cockpit are 21 bomb symbols.

Patricia Hook
Head and shoulders, in uniform, the reverse captioned 'Elizabeth Patricia Hook (Wife).'

Ken Hook
Ken Hook head and shoulders, standing next to a Lincoln tail turret, a Lincoln tail in background. Control tower is also visible. The reverse captioned 'Steve in the turret.'

Mosquito with ground crew
Seven individuals, one aircrew, posed in two rows in front of Mosquito. Buildings in the background.

Ken Hook
Ken with fellow aircrew, standing in open space in front of single storey building with veranda, lattice masts in background. The reverse captioned 'Self & Steve.'

Air gunners instructors course photograph
23 air gunners posed in three rows in front of brick building, captioned 'squad 3 & 4 of No 60 A.G.I. Course Oct 1944'. The reverse captioned 'Subject 3rd left middle row.' Also some signatures.

Course photograph
Twenty nine individuals, mainly aircrew, posed in three ranks, in front of the end wall of a wooden building, the reverse captioned 'Subject third from right back row.'

Aircrew and Lincoln
Seven aircrew wearing their flying equipment, standing in front of a Lincoln, UK airfield in background, reverse captioned 'Subject second from right'.

Patricia Hook
Patricia before her marriage to Ken, seated, in uniform, low stone wall , hedges and paths in the background. On reverse captioned 'Elizabeth Patricia Simmonds - Hull would marry subject I/O W.A.A.F.

Ken Hook
Formal pose, ten airmen in two rows in front of wooden building with 'repair shop' sign above the door. On the reverse captioned 'Apprentice subject top left.' also 'Sgt Lucas, 123 Wulptan (?) Street, London W12 and two signatures.

A 49 Squadron photograph
Squadron members posed in four rows in front of a Lincoln. On the reverse captioned 'Subject front third from left.'

Seven aircrew and a Lancaster
Aircrew standing in a row under the nose of a Lancaster, they are in flying kit. Bomb doors are open, squadron letter is E, airfield background. Caption is 'No info'.

Pilot Officer Baker
Individual with flying boots and holding flying helmet, captioned '? P/O Baker'.

Ken and Patricia Hook's weeding day
Standing on church steps, captioned 'Subject wedding day'.
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