Postcard to Joan Wareing from Jacqueline Pillot



Postcard to Joan Wareing from Jacqueline Pillot


Writes enquiring if her husband had got safely back home as she had heard that he had returned to England with some other boys. She felt sure that he would remember her as she was with him when he was taken prisoner.




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Expediteur / Sender

Mademoiselle Jacqueline Pillot
La Cerlangue
Seine [indecipherable word]

Mrs Robert Wareing
56 West Common Gardens

La Cerlangue. Tuesday September 26th 1944.

Dear Mrs Wareing, I should be very glad if you could give me news of your husband. I hope very sincerely that he has been sent home as soon as le Havre was liberated. Please do not be surprised at my inquiring about him. He will surely remember me. I am the girl who came to speak English with him on the morning of the 8th of August, when he had fallen with his parachute in fire. He will tell you that both the doctor an myself made our very best for him. Unfortunately we were surrounded by foul and vile people who told the boches[?] about him and he was made a prisoner. I have not been able to know if he was all right when the allied troops entered Le Havre on September 12th but somebody told me that he had been sent to England with some other boys found either in the Fort de Tourneville[?] where they kept the prisoners, or in the Hospital. It was also I who sent you a message through the French Forces, trying to let you know that your husband was alive. I should be glad to know if you even got that message and when. Kindly remind me to your gallant and brave squadron leader if he is at last back home and, do let me know about both of you.

Very heartily[?] yours Jacqueline Pillot

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