Letter to Joan Wareing from Norah



Letter to Joan Wareing from Norah


Norah expressing her sincere wishes that Joan will soon hear news of Bob, also saying that prayers are being said for her. Passes on other news.



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Three page handwritten letter


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47 Gurnell Street
[underlined] 13/8/44 [/underlined]

My dear Joan

Just a little note to say I'm sorry I didnt [sic] get up to see you again last night (Sat.)

I was intending calling on you this afternoon, but I've been with Mrs Everett to take the Service at the W.M. Hospital. (We go about once a month.) & it was three o'clock before I left here.

I do hope you have had some good news about Bob. Have you? Oh! my dear, my heart aches for you & I'm quite helpless – if I could only [underlined] do [/underlined] something for you! I would. Oh! believe me. I would, willingly Mrs Everett hadnt [sic] heard a word until I told her today – She sends you her love & prayers.

[page break]

She offered a prayer for you during the Service this afternoon.

Both Muriel & Mr E. join in sending their love to you & hope that you may soon have good news.

Chas too, sends his love & hopes that you may soon hear from Bob himself & that things will turn out just as you would have them.

Mrs E. was telling me about a girl in Messingham whose husband was missing from Dec: & they had no news of him at all - but he walked in to his wife just recently, about June or July, she said. It had taken him all that time to get back to British lines & so to safety & home. Also he couldnt [sic] communicate with them, for fear of betraying himself.

[page break]

I sincerely hope you wont [sic] have to wait as long as that for Bob.

I'll come up tomorrow (Mon) to see if there is any little thing I can do for you, as well as just talk with you.

Keep a brave heart Joan dear. There are heaps of prayers being offered for you, and you know dear, "more things are wrought by prayer, than this world dreams of" –

My love & prayers for you, your Mother & Dad.

God Bless you & keep you.


[underlined] Norah. [/underlined]

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