Letter to Jack Newton's wife from the air ministry



Letter to Jack Newton's wife from the air ministry


Refers to the fact that her husband had been reported missing on 6 August 1941 and that family allowance and allotment would continue until 2 September and that temporary allowance would be paid until 27 November 1941. Continues with pension information.




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TELEPHONE: [inserted] Worcester 3411. [/inserted]
[deleted] Holborn 3434 [/DELETED]
Any communications on the subject of this letter should be addressed to:-
And the following number quoted:-
[underlined] NEWTON/7.K. Cas. [/underlined] 742570.
[deleted] LONDON, W.C.2. [/deleted]
Whittington Road,
[inserted] 9th. [/inserted] September, 1941.
[underlined] 742570 [inserted] Sgt. [/inserted] Newton. [/underlined] [inserted] J.L. [/inserted]
I am directed to refer with regret to the fact that your husband was reported missing on the 6th August 1941 and to inform you that the payment of family allowance and allotment already in issue and amounting to 35/6d per week will be continued until [deleted] 3rd [/deleted] [inserted] 2nd [/inserted] [deleted] December [/deleted] [inserted] September. [/inserted] 1941. After that date you will be entitled to a temporary allowance from public funds equal to the above-named sum, and the last weekly payment is due on 27th November 1941, after which date it is requested that you will be good enough to return immediately your new order book to this Office. This new order book will be forwarded in time to meet payment due after expiry of your present order book.
As is explained in the general notes for guidance which have already been sent to you by the Record Office, in the absence of further information concerning your husband, subsequent payments to which you may be entitled will be at the rate of pension which would be payable if the airman had died, and in order that the question of continued eligibility. may be determined, I am to request that the enclosed form may be completed at your early convenience and returned to this Office in the accompanying envelope.
It should be added that you will be informed if it becomes necessary to modify these arrangements in the light of any subsequent information received in regard to your husband.
I am, Madam,
Your obedient Servant,
for Director of Accounts.
Mrs. M. E. Newton,
39a, Popesgrove Mansions,
Heath Road,


R Dix, “Letter to Jack Newton's wife from the air ministry,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed September 30, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/27432.

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