Letter to Dennis Batty from his mother



Letter to Dennis Batty from his mother


Thanks him for his letter and catches up on news and gossip from home.


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One page handwritten letter


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175 Ingram Road
My Dear Son.
I was pleased to have your letter & to know you received the note alright, no doubt you are very busy these days, we are getting good results too. I have fetched your watch & they have made a very neat job of it. I will send it to you if you like or keep it here untill [sic] you come. The family are still O.K & Tess is the biggest rebel she leads me a fine dance, when I ask her were [sic] is Denis she points up to the sky & when she sees a plane she shouts several words I cant make out. Len has been over for 48 hrs but I did not see him & Arthur Gough is over now. Eileen is eagerly awaiting the result of her interview I had to smile the teacher asked her what she did in her spare time & she replied that she read & went swimming he asked her what book she was reading now & she said “The Easy Way” very appropriate I thought for Eileen will always find the easy way such as disappearing when the washing up is about, still she is not too bad. Well Son shall be pleased to see you if you can manage it I have still got some spare cash for you so you will be OK for that, pleased you [inserted] are [/inserted] still keeping your Tails up Well will close now it is just midnight so will wish you Goodnight & God Bless you
Love from all Mother. XXXX



G V Batty, “Letter to Dennis Batty from his mother,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 22, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/26269.

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