Batty, Dennis


Batty, Dennis
Arthur Henry Dennis Batty
A H D Batty


Twelve items. The collection concerns Flight Sergeant Arthur Dennis Batty DFM (1920 - 1941, 619060, Royal Air Force) and consists of his diary, letters and documents. He flew operations as an air gunner with 226 Squadron.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Christine Aram and catalogued by Nigel Huckins.

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Batty, AHD

Collection Items

Letter to Dennis Batty from his headmaster
Congratulates him on award of Distinguished Flying Medal.

Letter to Dennis Batty from his mother
Thanks him for his letter and catches up on news and gossip from home.

Letter and citation for Distinguished Flying Medal awarded to Dennis Batty
Letter informs that details the service rendered, for which he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Medal announced in London Gazette on 29 July 1941.

Citation describes daylight attack on Neiville [sic] Aerodrome when his aircraft was attached by…

Letter to Dennis Batty from brother Phil
Thanks him for last letter and describes a daylight German attack near his office. Two bombs dropped nearby but did not explode and were dealt with by Royal Engineers. Two oil bombs were also dropped, but these landed on waste ground. Mentions life…

Letter to Dennis Batty from brother Phil
Catches up with news from home including baby's birthday, office life and other activities. Describes going to Stratford on Avon on his bike. Continues with more family news and comments on his brother's activities. Describes display by Harvard…

Letter to Dennis Batty from his mother
Thanks him for gift and catches up with news and gossip from home. Hopes he will get through job safe. Continues with more family news.

Letter from Dennis Batty to brother Phil
Comments on recent letters and reports death of squadron pig. Continues with banter and gossip. Mentions that he cannot write about his operations. Writes that he would be back in Belfast next Sunday and hopes to meet up with him.

Letter from Dennis Batty to brother Phil
Reply to his letter containing chat, gossip and about his activities. Mentions nearly buying a motor bike.

Letter from Dennis Batty to his parents
Reports his arrival at Castle Kennedy and comments on the state of the camp. Mentions he should be home in a month after course complete.

Letter from Dennis Batty to his mother
Reports arrival of paper and cigarettes. mentions taking exam and he will be able to get home for a leave. Continues next day, writes of taking exam that day and others in the future. Annotated 'Dennis last letter to me'.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission work order
Commonwealth War Graves Commission work order, for graves including that of A H D Batty.

Dennis Batty's diary
Diary of Dennis Batty 20 May 1940 to 27 June 1941 listing his operations over France and Germany in Blenheims and listing aircrew lost.
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