Retirement of Lt-Col Sheppard



Retirement of Lt-Col Sheppard


Four newspaper cuttings.
The first refers to Lt-Col Sheppard's retirement. He was in charge of the Southern Railway Home Guard.
The three other cuttings refer to three men who served in the same home guard unit.

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Four newspaper cuttings


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ON March 31st, Lieut.-Col. E.W. Sheppard relinquished the command of the 2nd Battalion. This came as a great regret to all those who have served with him in the Home Guard during the last twenty-two months, not only because his cheery personality will be missed, but also because his retirement from active service has been hastened by ill health. It is hoped that the greater measure of leisure which he will now enjoy will be of benefit to him.

Lieut.-Col. Sheppard has served under four monarchs ─ Victoria, Edward VII, George V and George VI. From October, 1914, till May, 1919, he served overseas, was commissioned in the field to 1st Lieutenant and mentioned in Sir Douglas Haig’s despatches.


Upon the formation of the Southern Railway Home Guard, he organised and trained 4,000 men from an area covering 1,700 square miles, and on the day that his new Battalion Headquarters was opened, it was machine-gunned by an enemy aircraft only 50 feet up.

His fund of reminiscences, of serious as well as amusing occasions (mostly amusing), will enliven his retirement as well as be a source of entertainment to his former comrades both in the Home Guard and Continental Department.

To Lieut.-Col. E.W. Sheppard, on behalf of all members of the S.R. Home Guard, we say ─ Good-bye and Good Luck.

Royal Sussex Regiment,
is the Permanent Staff Instructor attached to the 2nd Battalion. He enlisted in 1922, and has seen service in Turkey, Singapore, India, Egypt and Ireland. He went to France in 1939 and was wounded in the evacuation of Dunkirk.

Captain H.C. LEDGER,
2nd Battn.,
gazetted 1915 as 2nd Lieut. to 1st Home Counties Brigade, R.F.A., T.A. Served nearly four years in France. Recalled off T.A.R.O. August, 1940. Posted as Adjutant Quartermaster to 2nd S.R. Battalion in August, 1941.

Major C.T. BRETT,
Acting O/C, served in the last war in the Royal Marines. In June, 1940 joined Home Guard; became Section Leader July, Platoon Commander, August, Company Commander, October, 1940, and 2nd i/c of 2nd Battn. March 1941.



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