Saunders, Roy and Honor


Saunders, Roy and Honor
Roy Saunders
R Saunders
Honor Saunders
H Saunders


158 items. Oral history interviews with Roy Saunders (b. 1930) and Honor Saunders (b. 1931) and six albums of family photographs. Both experienced the London Blitz.

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Foreshaw Family
Roy and Honor Saunders
Saunders Family
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Saunders, R-H

Collection Items

British Postal Censorship Letter
A letter returned by the Postal Censor. John Carter had sent a drawing to his Uncle Bill but the censor did not approve it.

VE Day Lagos
A group of Nigerians, one wearing a crown.

The House in Isleham
A two storey house with mature trees in the garden.

Ruby and Roy Saunders
Mother and son at the beach.

Roy Saunders, Boy Scout
Roy on VE day, wearing his boy scout uniform.

Roy Saunders
A half length portrait of Roy Saunders, aged eight.

Robert & Alice Foreshaw
The couple are walking along a street, behind is an ivy covered bridge.

Len, Rose and Sonia
A family group with two men, two women and a child. One man is in uniform with sergeant's stripes.

Ken and Grace Rhodes Wedding Day
Ken and Grace (nee Foreshaw) on their wedding day, with Honor Carter, bridesmaid, two flower girls, bestman and their parents.

John Carter
A three quarter length portrait of John, seated wearing a suit and academic robe.

Jill, Henry and Honor Carter
The three are standing in their best clothes in front of a panelled wall with an ornamental clock.

Jill Carter
A full length portrait of Jill aged three. She is leaning against a low desk.

House on Aberdeen Road
A terrace house with a street sign saying Aberdeen Road, NW10.

Honor, Jill and Henry Carter
The three are standing beside a beehive.

The Carter Family
Mother and four children sitting in their garden, identified as Honor Carter, Deidre Wells, Jill Carter, Edith Carter (Grandmother) and John Carter.

Honor Carter
A studio portrait of Honor, aged three. She is wearing a dress and sitting down, holding a soft toy.

Herbert Thorpe's Newsagents
Herbert's corner shop with adverts for cigarettes, sweets and newspapers.

Herbert, Clara and Ruby Thorpe
The three are standing in a garden.

The Saunders Family
Eight members of the Saunders family. They are in the garden of the house with the greenhouse. Information supplied with the collection identifies them as Ethel, Ruby, Roy, Mick. Les, Archie, Sonia and Rose Saunders

Archie Saunders
Archie wearing a pith helmet.

Archie Saunders
Archie Saunders in uniform in Lagos.

Archie and Ethel Saunders with Archie, Les and Len
Five members of the Saunders family. Ethel is seated on a deckchair in front of their greenhouse.

Seven women
A group of seven women, five seated, two standing in a garden. Information supplied with the collection identifies them as 'Annette Rhodes, Honor Carter, Alice Foreshaw, Christina Foreshaw, Alice Foreshaw, unknown, and Grace Rhodes'.

Ann and Fuller Cornwall
The couple are sitting on a garden bench with a dog in between.

Alf Carter
A head and shoulders portrait of Alf Carter
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