Letter from Donald Baker to his mother



Letter from Donald Baker to his mother


Writes that he is keeping well and thanks her for letter and news from home. Mentions friend who is on next course after him. Bad weather had delayed his leave and going on operations. Mentions plans for leave and that he would be pleased to get away as there was nothing to do in the local area. Talks of bicycling to Oxford and back. Mentions cross country flights and shooting up friends and flying over the Isle of Man. Writes of losses of Rhodesians and funerals.




Temporal Coverage



Six page handwritten letter and envelope


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[two postage stamps]
Mrs. C. Baker.
S. Rhodesia.
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[underlined] 1 [/underlined]
c/o Rhodesia House Etc
Sept 8.
My Dearest Mother,
Just a few lines to let you know that I am keeping very well. Thanks very much for your letter written about the 10th of July received about a week ago and glad to hear that you are all well and that the tobacco is not doing too badly. I hope that the average prices were very good.
Harrys friend
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[underlined] 2 [/underlined]
Jock Anderson is stationed here for a while but he is on the course after me, and he says that his people have done exceptionally well out of last years crop.
If we had not had such awful weather the last week I would have been on leave now prior to going on operations, but as it is, will probably be here for another four days. Shall go down to Somerset again as have been [deleted] there [/deleted] to Scotland since seeing Somerset.
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[circled 3]
Shall be very pleased to get away from here as it is terribly boring, there being nothing whatever to do when not flying.
Another fellow and myself yesterday borrowed two bikes and rode into Oxford and back – about fifteen miles there and back. Took us about an hour & quarter each way. As had not [deleted] wrid [/deleted] ridden for so long cannot sit down with any comfort today.
Have done a lot of Cross Countries
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[underlined] 4 [/underlined]
recently. Frome was on two of the routes so nipped across to Cary and paid my respects by shooting up the place. Then went to the Bristol Channel to practice bombing and ended up at Highbridge. Being a nice day there were a fair number of bathers so caused quite a panic by doing a good “shoot up” along the beach.
Have also been over Wales to the Irish sea. Wales looks pretty from the air and the lakes
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[circled 5]
etc look very good set in among high barren mountains.
Did a trip to Douglas, Isle of Man but did not land. It appears a very delightful spot.
Unfortunately there have been a fair number of casualties among the Rhodesians here so there have been a few funerals which do not tend to brighten up this already miserable spot (my opinion).
You will remember the Kashulas from Somabula. Well one
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[circled 6]
one of their sons is here are [sic] we are pretty “matey.”
Well dear mother must close now. Much love to you all from your loving son
P.S. How about some “fags.” The situation here is very acute.



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