Letter from Donald Baker to his mother



Letter from Donald Baker to his mother


Writes that he had had no letter from her for a month. Mentioned wings exam so now ready for operational training once he had completed his 72 hours flying. Writes that he went to Rhodesia house to see if he could get off the instructors course to which he had been recommended. He would be required to join the Rhodesia squadron which pleased him. Mentioned that Rhodesia house had been damaged in air raids and he had seen other damage in London but people seemed to be able to take it.




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c/o Rhodesia House
429 Strand.
Saturday 7.5.41
My Dearest Mother,
No letters from you for nearly a month now. I have not written for two weeks but there has been absolutely nothing to write about. We wrote our wings exam last week and by todays results have managed to scrape through so now am all set to Operational Training Unit when [deleted] we [/deleted] I have done my 72 hours here which should take about 2 weeks as have done 50 here already.
Am glad to say that am keeping very fit. Last Tuesday I went down to London to get to Rhodesia House to see them about getting me off instructors course which I had been recommended for and Mr Baggett says it will O.K. as I shall be required to join the Rhodesian Squadron for which
[page break]
I am very pleased as I probably told you before am not at all keen on being an instructor. Rhodesia House has been slightly damaged by recent raids but not at all badly. It is really awful to see some of the damage that has been done, but the people there certainly seem to be able to take it. I managed to get a couple of hundred [deleted] weeks [/deleted] cigarettes from Rhodesia House which was very convenient.
Well dear Mother must close now with much love to you all
your loving son


D A Baker, “Letter from Donald Baker to his mother,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed February 7, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/25576.

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