Letter from Donald Baker to his mother



Letter from Donald Baker to his mother


Writes on leave in Somerset. Finished course at Brough and had one and a half weeks leave before next course starts. Describes journey and activities. Mentions bombing of Bristol previous night and mentions plans for the day. Hope to hear from her soon. When leave is over has to report to station 40 miles north of London.




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Cary Hill House
Castle Cary
Sunday 30th March.
My Dearest Mother,
As you will see by the above address I am on leave again and spending it again in Somerset. We finished our course at Brough last Friday and now have 1 1/2 weeks leave. Arrived here last night and meant to make it an unheralded visit but I had telegram waiting for me when I arrived to say that leave had been extended from the 2nd of April to the 9th. Came down from Brough via London. Had about 3 hours in London so had a quite a good look round. Could not get into Rhodesia House as it was closed on Saturday afternoon. Glad to say that I find Uncle Jack and Aunt Anne pretty fit and cheerful
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There was an air raid on at Bristol last night so there were planes over here most of the time. Apparently there have been quite a few bombs dropped around here but no damage done.
Will probably go down to Wyke this afternoon to see the people there as it is Aunt Bess’ Sunday there.
Have not heard from you for nearly [deleted] three [/deleted] [inserted] four [/inserted] weeks now so am quite looking forward to hearing from you again. I trust that you are all keeping fit. Can’t think what has happened to all the mail.
When my leave is over I have to report to a new station which is about 40 miles North of London. I believe it is quite a nice place so I hope I shall enjoy it there. Actually I was quite sorry to leave Brough as we had a grand crowd of fellows there and we had a good time.
Well dear Mother must close now as there is nothing much to say. Uncle Jack and Aunt Anne both send their love and best wishes. Much love to all from
Your loving son Donald


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