Letter from Donald Baker to his mother



Letter from Donald Baker to his mother


Thanks her for letter and comments on weather and that it had snowed. Writes of going on a route march and having a snow ball fight. Mentions everything is frozen and doing P.T. outside. Had his move to elementary flying near Hull cancelled but hope to go soon. Flying held up by weather. Mentions going to dance on New Year's Eve and that he had received other letters. Catches up with news of family and friends.




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Mrs C. Baker,
S. Rhodesia.
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C/o High Comm. for S. Rhod. Etc.
5th January 1941.
My Dearest Mother,
Thanks for your letter received last week. Am glad to hear you are all fit and that you were having some decent weather. I only wish you could send some of the heat over here as it is getting bitterly cold. Saw snow for the first time on New Years Day and now there is about six inches of it on all the hills around here. We went for a route march the other day up one of the hills and had a snow fight but unfortunately the snow had frozen and a few fellows had their face cut and an officer had his jaw badly gashed while trying to stop the fray. However I came through unscathed. All the ponds are frozen
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and water freezes everywhere so it is quite dangerous walking. However the worst part of it is that we have to do P.T. outside in a vest and pair of shorts which nearly kills us.
Was supposed to have left for an E.F.T.S. near Hull last Tuesday but that was cancelled for a week so might get away on next Tuesday but the flying is held up badly with the weather so the fellows already there have the course prolonged. However I guess it will be pretty cold there too.
Went to a dance on New Years Eve which was a big success and I had a good time as there was quite a nice lot of girls there!!
Had a letter and Xmas card from Jack also a Rhod. Annual. Also had one of the
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latter from the Rhodesian Rlys.
Mark Blumberg went to Blackpool to take a Wireless Optr. A.G. course and Issy Kapstan is training for some Ground Staff job. Horace Gottlieb also went for the A.G course.
Well dear Mother I must close now as I must write to Jack and the Strachans.
Much love to all
from your loving son



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