Letter from Donald Baker to his mother



Letter from Donald Baker to his mother


Thanks her for letters and parcel of cigarettes and sweets. Says Christmas parcel she mentioned sent via him to has not arrived yet and advises sending any others direct. Writes of £10 she sent and mentions what he did with it. Still at Paignton and waiting to be posted. Writes that he had a good Christmas and went to a dance in Torquay. Describes other activities. Mentions letter from relative and passes on other news.




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Four page handwritten letter and envelope


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[postage stamp]
Mrs C. Baker
S. Rhodesia
[page break]
[Royal Air Force crest]
c/o Rhodesia House
29th December 1940.
My Dearest Mother,
Just a few lines to let you know that I am keeping fit and to thank you for two letters, a parcel of cigarettes and sweets, (sent from Durban) and two Heralds all of which were very welcome. The Xmas parcel you mentioned has not yet arrived so in future I think if you want to send anything to the relatives you had better send it direct as my stuff allways [sic] seems to take so long to come.
Yes I received the £10 which you cabled and put most of it in the bank. We received £7 pay a few days later and put another couple of quid in the Post Office so have
[page break]
now got £12 set aside for a rainy day. The reason for the £7 pay was cash that they owed us as [deleted] went [/deleted] we were paid for about a month on 2/- while we should have been getting 5/6. Rather strange I should only start saving after getting in the R.A.F.
Am still at Paignton and waiting to be posted. It seems that waiting for that takes up more time than anything else as out of 5 months I have only done 6 weeks real work so possibly in about 3 years time I may have got my “wings” or at least that is at the present rate of progress.
We had a very good Christmas here as there was quite a lot doing. Went to a dance in Torquay and left so late that we had to get a taxi home and had to climb in the back way at about 2.30 am. Three of us went to a very benevolent family for Christmas Day where
[page break]
we had Xmas dinner at midday which seemed rather strange to us. However it was very nice and we then stayed for tea and supper. Actually I had been there previously as my roommate had met these people and they always have a few R.A.F. fellows up every Sunday afternoon so I have been for the last 3 Sundays. It is jolly nice of them as we appreciate their warm fireside and a peaceful afternoon away from the barracks. Boxing day we had to work again but there was a very successful R.A.F. dance in the evening which I enjoyed thoroughly. Had Xmas boxes from all the relatives, a few “handkeys” [sic] from the Tullochs, and a box of chocolate and cigarettes from Bella Strachan. Don’t know where she got the chocolate as that is very rare now
A letter from Uncle Jack says that they are all keeping fit and cheerful.
[page break]
Bruce Clothier has at last got married and is staying at Wyke House.
Well dear Mother must close now as it is “lights out” time
Much love to you all from
Your loving son



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