First Flight



First Flight


19 photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is an Anson viewed from the port/rear, captioned 'The "Flying Greenhouse" '.
Photo 2 is three Ansons outside a hangar, captioned 'Warming Up'.
Photo 3 is three airmen standing at the front of an Anson, captioned 'Our flying suits get their first outing. Wag Ramsay and I'
Photo 4 is two men in flying suits in front of an Anson.
Photo 5 is a port side view of an Anson with its engines running, captioned 'Ready for Take-off Sir'.
Photo 6 is a snowy view of the base, captioned 'Airborne Wheels Up'.
Photo 7 is Sam at his station, captioned 'First Navigator (me)'.
Photo 8 is the back of the pilot in flight, captioned 'Pilot Mr Thomas'.
Photo 9 is an airman at his station, captioned 'Second Navigator "Wag" '.
Photo 10 is a snowy landscape of houses, captioned 'St James, Winnipeg 500' '
Photo 11 and 12 are two views of the Assiniboine River running through Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Captioned 'Winnipeg at 12,000' and 'Puzzle - find the airport'.
Photo 13 is a snowy wooded valley captioned 'Temp at 6,000' -40° F'.
Photo 14 and 16 are buildings in a snowy landscape, captioned 'Morris, Manitoba'.
Photo 15 is mostly trees from the air, captioned 'Riding Mountain National Park'.
Photo 16 is an air to air of the starboard side of an Anson.
Photo 18 is snowy houses, captioned 'Back at St James'.
Photo 19 is the snow covered base, captioned 'Wheels Down Landing'.





19 b/w photographs on five album pages


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