Crew of Lancaster PM-C and Jack Round



Crew of Lancaster PM-C and Jack Round


A handwritten list of the crew of Lancaster PM-C 44-45,
F/O Lou Morgan Pilot
Russ Johnston Nav
Nobby Clark B/A
Ivor Cole Wop
Murray Ward A/G
Jack Round A/G

F/O Breheney Eng Leader
F/L Wymark Gunnery leader
S/L Van Rollagem flight com
F/O Skinner & crew
G/C Shane Station com
Air com Swain 12 Base com
The Henry Bros (Aust)

Photograph of Jack Round positioned ta the side of a Nissen hut, captioned 'Jack Round tail gunner'.

Temporal Coverage

Spatial Coverage



One list and one photograph on an album page


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“Crew of Lancaster PM-C and Jack Round,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed July 13, 2024,

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