Marshall, Syd. Album


Marshall, Syd. Album


77 items. The album contains wartime and post-war photographs, newspaper cuttings, and memorabilia assembled by Warrant Officer Sidney Charles Marshall (1924 - 2017, 1594781 Royal Air Force). Syd Marshall was a flight engineer with 103 Squadron and flew operations from RAF Elsham Wolds.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Syd Marshall and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Marshall, S

Collection Items

Lancaster in flight
Air to air view slightly above looking down on the top, port side of a Lancaster in flight.

Lancaster of 103 Squadron at night
Starboard side of a Lancaster 'PM-M' at night on the ground.

Newspaper articles featuring 103 Squadron
Article 1 has a photograph of the nose of Lancaster Mike Squared, S for Sugar at Waddington, the dispersal hut at Digby and Barry Halpenny in the cockpit of a Spitfire with his book 'Action Stations'. The cutting mentions Douglas Bader flying from…

Six aircrew and three ground crew
The nine airmen are positioned in two rows under the port inner engine of a Lancaster. Aircrew are wearing life jackets. On the reverse 'The gang and three of the ground crew before we took off for Germany'.

Four airmen by Nissen huts
Three quarters length portrait of four airmen standing in front of two Nissen huts.

Ivor Cole, wireless operator
Ivor Cole at his position on a Lancaster. On the reverse 'Wireless-operator Ivor (Fig) Cole on the job'. and
and '2 Prints'.

Lou Morgan and John Round
Two airmen, one in uniform and one topless standing by a Nissen hut. On the reverse 'Lou Morgan & John Round in Nissen hut'. On the reverse of another copy of the same photograph
'Jack and Lou
[underlined] NOTE [underlined] this was not taken…

Nobby Clark
Sergeant Nobby Clark standing in uniform at gates. On the reverse 'Bomb -aimer "Nobby" Clark turning on the charm'.

Lancaster and three Vulcans
Lancaster KM-B with engines running on the ground with three Vulcans over flying.

Brian Goulding and Cherokee
Brian Goulding standing beside Cherokee, G-AYAT

RAF Cranwell Graduation Parade
Programme of events for the graduation ceremony at RAF Cranwell.

Ivor Cole and Syd Marshall
Photograph 1 is Ivor Cole and Syd Marshall standing in front of the Elsham Wolds memorial plaque.
Photograph 2 is a board and tree planted to commemorate the ending of the Second World War.

Wessex helicopters in hangar, Syd Marshall at Springfields
Photograph 1 is of two Wessex helicopters in a hangar, captioned 'Helicopter hangar at Finningley'.
Photograph 2 is of Syd Marshall leaning on a Jet Ranger helicopter captioned '"Express" helicopter at Springfields'.

RAF Coningsby Freedom March
Photograph 1 is airmen parading through the streets of Coningsby captioned 'RAF Coningsby "Freedom march" '.
Photograph is a marching band of airmen captioned 'Cranwell Band leading parade'.

New museum in spotlight
Article 1 refers to funding for the Bomber Command museum at Hendon from RAF Swinderby.
Article 2 is a wartime memoir by Ivor Cole, 103 Squadron.
Article 3 describes some of the exhibits at the new Hendon museum.

10th Anniversary Reunion
RAF Elsham Wolds Association 10th anniversary reunion. A programme of events, captioned 'Mrs M. Marshall'.

Elizabeth Marshall's Identity card
National identity card of Elizabeth Marshall, Syd Marshall's wife.

The ghosts of memory
Article about airmen who failed to return to Elsham Wolds.

A place to remember
Newspaper article about a reunion and flypast at RAF Elsham Wolds. Mentioned are Mike Stedman (I squared), pilot Anseleme Vernieuwe who had escaped from Belgium through France and Spain then Lisbon, rear-gunner Tom Quinlan, flight engineer Walter…

Lancaster, Hurricane and Spitfire, Parachute display
Photograph 1 is Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Lancaster, Spitfire and Hurricane at RAF Coningsby.
Photograph 2 is a parachute display. One parachutist is landing beside a smoke flare. He has an RAF ensign attached. There is a large attendance…

Veterans at Cranwell
A group of veterans at RAF Cranwell.
Photographs 1,2,6, 7 and 8 are the veterans watching a parade of serving officers.
Photograph 3 and 5 are a group of veterans.

Group of veterans standing with a Jet Provost
Veterans and serving airmen standing in front of a Jet Provost '36'. In the background is a hangar.

Battle of Britain Memorial Flight in flight
Photograph 1 is a Lancaster, Spitfire and Hurricane of the Battle of Britain Memorial flight.
Photograph is the underside of a Lancaster in flight.

Syd Marshall and Grand Slam bomb
Photograph 1 is Syd Marshall standing beside a Grand Slam bomb at RAF Coningsby.
Photograph 2 is a group of people outside a building.

Syd Marshall and five veterans
Six veterans including Syd Marshall and Ron Munday (Chairman).

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