Anzio and Istres



Anzio and Istres


Four photographs and two sketch maps on an album page.

Photo 1 is an aerial view of the beachhead at Anzio, dated Oct 12th 1944.
Sketch map 1 is a route across Sardinia and Corsica to Naples with Anzio and Rome marked.
Photo 2 is a group of men and one woman captioned 'The Macci ('Maquis') 'Mirimas' Lyons. Champagne Night. Wot a night. Oct 9th 44'
Sketch map 2 is of the Gulf of Lyons with Marseilles named and an arrow from photo 2's caption to a circle around Istres. A route is marked heading southeast from the circle.
Photo 3 is is eight airmen around a fire behind are Stirlings, captioned 'Istres France Oct 10th 1944'.
Photo 4 is a wrecked German aircraft with an airman leaning on it, captioned 'Edwards & victim (Line)'.

A further caption reads 'Mt Vesuvius, Pomigliano Italy Oct 12th 1944. Muscat'.
There is also a drawing of a cross of Lorraine.



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Four b/w photographs and two sketch maps on an album page

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