Royal Air Force Bomber Command attacks on enemy communications



Royal Air Force Bomber Command attacks on enemy communications
Mitelland Canal at Gravenhorst


Reconnaissance photograph showing the Mitelland Canal at Gravenhorst running from top right to centre bottom. A large area in the centre is completely covered with craters and the canal has disappeared. To the right bottom a large wooded area and to the left side open farmland with a road running from the left edge to the canal. There are two barges in the canal at the bottom centre. On the reverse 'R.A.F. Bomber Command’s attack on enemy communications. An R.A.F. reconnaissance photograph taken on the night of February 22nd.45, showing the results of R.A.F. Bomber Command’s attack on the Mitelland Canal near Gravenhorst, on the night of February 21/22, 1945. This canal is an important by-canal of the Dortmund-Ems Canal and is called the “Little Land Canal"'.



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