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Sanders, David
D S Sanders


19 items. The collection contains an oral history interview with Sergeant David Stuart Sanders (1925 - 2022, 1869292 Royal Air Force), his logbook, engineering documentation, operation schedules, a personal record of all his operations, a Dalton computer, a number of target and reconnaissance photographs. David Saunders was a flight engineer on 619 Squadron and 189 Squadron at RAF Strubby and RAF Fulbeck in 1944-45.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by David Sanders and catalogued by Nigel Huckins.




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Sanders, DS

Collection Items

David Sanders
Head and shoulders portrait of Sergeant David Sanders in uniform with flight engineer's brevet.

Additional information about this item has been kindly provided by the donor.

David Sanders's flying log book for navigators, air bombers, air gunners and, flight engineers
The log book covers the operational career of flight engineer David Sanders from 5 July 1944 to 29 May 1945. He joined 619 Squadron at RAF Strubby on 28 September 1944, from where he flew Lancasters on two daylight and three night time operations…

David Sanders four leaf clover
Stylised four leaf clover in red pen on graph paper. Title 'Sgt Sanders 189 Sqdn, 5 May 1945

189 Squadron detail for special duty
Lists 11 crews and aircraft with standby for special duty on 6 May 1945.

Fuel consumption tables
Fuel consumption tables for aircraft up to 15,000 pounds, "M" or "S" gear, Merlin 20, 22, 24. Covered with various calculations in pencil

In-flight and running down serviceability report
Form for aircraft NG226 'J' for 27-4-45 with pilot Flying Officer Carter and flight engineer David Sanders.

189 Squadron operation schedule
Operation schedule number 45 for 5 February 1945. Details 15 crews with aircraft. David Sanders is third on the list in aircraft 'J' NG308. The last two crews and the standby crew are annotated 'missing'. Also detailed are duty personnel. No…

Interview with David Sanders
David Sanders flew operations as a flight engineer with 189 and 619 Squadrons. He joined the Royal Air Force as a flight engineer and discusses an operation when they arrived too early over the target, being followed by a night fighter and having a…

Dortmund-Ems canal at Ladbergen
Target photograph showing the Canal running from middle left to bottom right. A road runs from two thirds way up left side and crosses the canal in the bottom right quarter before running to bottom edge. There are minor roads and open country and…

Remagen bridge
Reconnaissance photograph of bridge. A river runs bottom left to top right and a metal arch bridge from top left to bottom right. There are a few buildings in the top left along with bomb craters. Ther are a few buildings and a railway line at the…

Royal Air Force Bomber Command attacks on enemy communications
Reconnaissance photograph showing the Mitelland Canal at Gravenhorst running from top right to centre bottom. A large area in the centre is completely covered with craters and the canal has disappeared. To the right bottom a large wooded area and to…

Royal Air Force bombers over Pforzheim
Air-to-air view showing the silhouette of two heavy bombers towards the bottom centre, well below going towards the bottom. In the background smoke, bomb explosions and on the right, target indicators. On the reverse '18. R.A.F. Bombers over…

Heligoland under attack
Target photograph showing a very large number of bomb explosions covering most of the image. On the reverse 'Heligoland 18.4.45. The airfield under intense R.A.F. Bomber Command attacks, 27 April 1945'.

Royal Air Force destroys German synthetic oil plant
Reconnaissance photograph of a German synthetic oil plant. Within a grid pattern a large number of oil tanks, buildings, pipeline and oil manufacturing installations. A railway runs along the bottom. On the reverse 'R.A.F. destroys German synthetic…

Royal Air Force destroys German synthetic oil plant
Reconnaissance photograph of a destroyed synthetic oil plant. On the left side within a grid a large number of damaged oil tanks, manufacturing buildings and installations. On the right three destroyed oil tanks at the bottom and a large number of…

Dalton computer circular slide rule
Various views of a Dalton computer circular slide rule for calculating true height from ground pressure, temperature and indicated height.

Dalton dead reckoning computer
Various views of a Dalton dead reckoning computer Model G made by the Stanley manufacturing company limited, Toronto Canada.

David Sanders personal record of operations
Contains details of 22 operations where David Sanders flew as flight engineer. Includes all up weights, bomb loads, fuel loads, snags, numbers of aircraft, defences, remarks and number of aircraft missing on operations.

Bomber Command flight engineer log
Engineer log completed by David Sanders for a sortie in Lancaster NG266 on 27 April 1945.
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