Letter to Terry Ford from Peter Lamb



Letter to Terry Ford from Peter Lamb


Peter Lamb describes the training and his desire to visit Terry Ford.




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1489920. LAC. Lamb. PS
33. S.F.T.S
[indecipherable word]

Dear Terry

Thanks for your letter you hound, your letters are about the only ones I get at all regularly. Mac[?] doesn’t write much, the lazy sod.

Ah, the photos! I keep nattering to Freeman about that one, and I hope to have mine taken soon, you have not been forgotten my son. Have patience and all will be well. You know what Freeman is anyway!

Well, [indecipherable word] marhes [sic] on and next week the bloody exams are reheduled [sic] and are the first ones I am not too sure

[page break]

about. Cor. By the way if I get the chance I might drop in at Weyburn soon, if can get the necessary permission, it would be a good way of getting some ‘If’ in. I’d rather like to see your ugly mug in. I have chalked up 74 so far 9 today, and believe me I am right on my [deleted word] knees! Have done about half of our 24x countries, formation flying, Night ditto. For a real [indecipherable word] (remember GR) I recomend [sic] D. R. Navigation done in the air. I had a shot today and got hopelessly balled up; air sick as a dog into the bargain, down the funnel arrangement they have in

[page break]

there things. They [indecipherable word] and riddle my pills.

Let me know what you ave [sic] ultimately made will you? [indecipherable word] we might be able to arrange a binge. I have no scruples about getting as pissed ([indecipherable word]) as a lord now, and did so at Caron; so tight they refured [sic] me at one Hotel! Shock. [indecipherable word]. Got the gen yesterday that I have been put up for [underlined] a [/underlined] an Instructor! [underlined] b [/underlined] a GR.

Great [indecipherable word] in camp. If you get made an ‘a’ as above, again let me know. They take anything up to half of our courses as instructors; I think 8 went home out of the last lot.

[page break]

We had a [indecipherable word] of a flyg [sic] last week, mucked everything up.

Hey Ho. It’s a year ago since you saw that balding youth at A.C.R.L. and thought what a [indecipherable word] he was. How right you were!

All the best in exams.
Don’t wet the bed.

P.P. Put all thoughts of stopping smoking Terry away, consumption at moment 30 a day.

Oh, Shit.

[indecipherable word] Madness[?]



Peter Lamb, “Letter to Terry Ford from Peter Lamb,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 18, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/23928.

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