Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents



Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents


Mentions weather and then three lines are blacked out. Then comments on what was written in censored lines. Writes of them both getting colds. Glad he is able to get good books and comments on what she is reading. Says she will try and send him books and asks if any parcels have arrived. Received second edition of Red Cross publication. Mentions getting book from library, the garden and looks forward to time they can be together again.




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191 Halifax Road
Nelson Lancs.
Friday 12/6/42
My dear Douglas.
Here we are in the middle of June & the weather is like winter. Of all the climates!! Last Friday was so hot everybody was beginning to grumble but on Sunday it was such a terrific change & has remained cool all the week. When the sun shines it is warm but the said sun appears to have adopted the fashionable pose & gone on strike [censored sentence] Dad & I have our own opinion – what we should like to do with them – when we remember, & we never forget them, Louis & Harry, Alex, & the two [indecipherable word] (Marrian & Giblin) our blood just boils. Well love I don’t seem to have any news for you. Things here just go on. Dad had a very bad cold & 3 weeks ago succeeded in passing it on to me. It has certainly been one of the finest quality & I’ve felt pretty rotten with a very sore throat all the time. I don’t ever remember having a cold in summer & it had taken a heavy toll with consequent low spirits. Am glad you are able to get a few good books from your library. At the moment
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I am thoroughly enjoying “The Singer Passes” by Maud Diver – a story of Indian politics, enlightening & very interesting. I intend to send you one or two books when we go to town in about two weeks time. It would be more encouraging if I could hear of the arrival of any of the other parcels. On Monday I received the second edition of “The Prisoner of War.” – a new publication by the Red X. Again it had been sent on from Kensal altho’ very many letters have passed between us since we have lived here & I wrote specially asking them to make a note of this address. Somebody being careless again. I got a new book “Fighter Pilot” from the library on Wednesday. It is a very vivid account of the early days of war in the air but very saddening to us, who marvel at the courage & spirit of adventure in our brave boys. It seems such a waste of precious young lives.
In my garden is a beautiful cluster of pyrethrums which plant we bought together at Pennyffordd. In the early spring I took two cuttings from it & one of them is in bud so perhaps when you come back we’ll have some good plants again. When you come back!! Now we are seeing visions & dreaming dreams & oh how we are longing for them to materialize. Dad says the war will be over this year. Hope he is a good prophet but I have not much faith. As always all our love & thoughts & prayers from Mother & Dad
755052 Hudson
Camp Militaire
Algerie N Africa.



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