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Mentions weather and then three lines are blacked out. Then comments on what was written in censored lines. Writes of them both getting colds. Glad he is able to get good books and comments on what she is reading. Says she will try and send him books…

Two bills issued to Rex Searle by the Hotel-Pension "Crillon"

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Mary Ward joined the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force in 1940. She served briefly at RAF Driffield but mostly at RAF Linton on Ouse. She trained as a cook before being moved to duties as a map officer. She prepared maps for briefings and debriefings.…

WardM (Pesaro).jpg
Mary Ward grew up in Bloxham. She joined the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force in 1940 and was posted to RAF Driffield, on general duties in the officers’ mess. She describes a German daylight attack on RAF Driffield on the 15 August 1940 and the…
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