Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents



Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents


Had read about weather conditions in Libya and wondered if similar at Laghouat. Pleased to hear about his journalistic efforts and asks if he could send her a copy of camp newspaper. Catches up with family news and activities. Comments on working in garden, on the weather and the local countryside. Catches up with more news of friends.




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191 Halifax Road
Nelson Lancs.
Monday June 1st 1942
My dear Douglas.
The first day of June & very cold & dull with occasional splashes of rain. I am thinking of you so much & wondering how things are. We have heard & read so much about the heat & sand-storms in the Libyan desert & wonder if the same conditions are being experienced at Laghouat. The flies in Libya must be terrible, from the accounts we read. I think my few are loathsome & as I chase round after them I wonder if you are doing the same. There is a farm not very far away from here & no doubt that is the reason for our unwelcome visitors. I have been very pleased & interested to learn of your journalistic efforts & I should be very pleased to have a copy of the “Camp Echo” if it were permissible. If you are not allowed to send one perhaps you will be able to keep the copies until the great day for which I live. For about a week now Dad has had a very bad cold so you can imagine what a thrilling time I’ve had this weekend & for once I was really glad when Monday morning arrived.
I had a letter from Marjorie on Saturday. She said she had written to you & posted by ordinary mail so if it makes as good time as Auntie Maud Hudson’s letter you should get it nicely by Christmas.
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How thrifty these Hudsons are!! This is their only virtue (if such it can be named) that I envy. You will have learned from previous letters that Uncle Jim is retiring at the end of June. This morning I have [inserted] been [/inserted] pottering around the garden, sowing seeds. I never seem to have much luck with my seeds but am hoping for the best. Yesterday & Saturday were lovely days from inside the house [symbol] visibility was marvellous, with blue sky & fleecy white clouds making a wonderful picture. The newly ploughed fields are greening over now. I don’t know what has been planted but if it is corn it should make a grand picture when it begins to ripen. As I am writing I am hearing the one oclock news. As usual it is war, war, war, so distressing & very very stupid. I have not remembered to tell you before that Kenneth was examined & passed Grade I for pilot in the R.A.F. He was thrilled to bits & very joyously went to a station, from which he returned next day, rejected, the old heart trouble. Did I ever tell you that he is not able to lift the bags of money at the Bank. Another junior always does it for him as necessity arises. This morning I have had a nice letter from Mrs Bowers, Harry’s mother. She asks very kindly about you. Also in a letter from Miss Davies about a fortnight ago she wrote “We hope you have good news from Douglas. Please give him our love.” So you see although you are so far away you are very kindly remembered. Now love Goodbye again Always our love & thoughts & prayers are with you.
Mother & Dad
755052 Hudson
Camp Militaire
Laghouat Algerie
[inserted] Kenneth will be 18 on June 26th. [symbol] Very cold wind outside [/inserted]



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