Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents



Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents


Reports arrival of responses from him to two of their cables and asks about content of one which puzzled her a bit. There follows considerable discussion on sending him shoes he ask for including mention of clothing coupons. Concludes with mention of recent weather.




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Two page handwritten letter


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[inserted] Eight letters Wed. making 15 altogether in one week one the previous Friday. Five photos. [/inserted]
[inserted] 147 [/inserted]
[underlined] 47 [/underlined]
[inserted] 30-6-42 [/inserted]
191 Halifax Road
Nelson Lancs.
Thursday May 28th/42
My dear Douglas.
A week ago today was your birthday & on the Tuesday I sent a cable from Nelson telling of the arrival of seven letters which, as you will well understand brought us a great deal of pleasure. Later in the day your reply cable arrived, to the message sent on April 29th. The delay must has [sic] been at Laghouat, as it was dated May 18th of course, as I’ve just written, arrived here on the 19th. Message as follows “Delighted cable 29 message rather indistinct Await parcel via Red Cross. Ask relations cooperation try send foot wear [underlined] seaze [sic] [/underlined] seven, your latest letter received dated May 29. all love Hudson.” Then on Saturday the 23rd this message came “Delighted cable 13, regret my Telegram [underlined] April [/underlined] first not received, your latest letter number thirtyfour arrived yesterday, writing always, well, all love, Hudson.” So now I await the reply to my birthday message. To revert to the first cable. I’m puzzled about “ask relations cooperations.” What does it really mean? As you are fully aware our relations are not really a cooperative lot. Perhaps you will be more explicit in your next letter. I seem to remember that you have some good shoes packed
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away with the clothes you returned before going away. Should I send those in my next parcel or do you wish for new ones? I think I have told you before that most clothing is rationed now & we start a new year on June 1st when each person has 60 coupons allowed & they have to last 14 months. (This past year we had 66 for 12 months). I had to give 6 coupons for your 2 pairs of socks, then send the receipt to the Red X, & they have returned 6 special Board of Trade coupons. Shoes need 7 coupons for a pair. Just cable any further requirements. It will be about 2 months yet before I can send another parcel (one every three months allowed) so you will have time to cable. Well love here we are nearly at the end of May with weather colder & rougher than many winter days. We had five weeks of drought which ended on the Sunday evening as we were returning from Horsforth. The rain came down in a deluge & we have had rain & a bitter wind every day (but not all day long) since. Yesterday morning we had a very [inserted] heavy [/inserted] hail-storm which cleared the skies, & the rest of the day was very pleasant. The rain started again at 7 p.m. & kept on with the good works all night. In consequence the surrounding greenery looks very fresh & bright. We get a lot of flies as soon as the doors & windows are opened & I spend some time chasing around to slaughter them & I always wonder if you are similarly engaged. Dad is on duty tonight after 2 weeks “leave”. We are always glad when it is over. Goodbye now & always all our love & thoughts & prayers are with you Mother & Dad
Hudson 755052
Camp Militaire
Laghouat Algerie.



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