Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents



Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents


Reports that relatives had now left so more time to write. Granddad seems to have enjoyed his visit and gave her £2 in tanks for looking after him. Mentions that expenditure is restricted by coupons for clothing. Delighted to get his latest cable and she would send the things he asked for as soon as they were ready. and speaks of progress with socks, soap and towels. Would try and let him have a quarterly parcel, but not allowed to send food or many other items. Suggests he try knitting socks if she sends wool and needles. Writes that parcels might take a long time to reach him.




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[inserted] 28-5-42 [/inserted]
191 Halifax Road
Nelson Lancs.
Wed. a.m. 7-30 29/4/42
My dear Douglas.
It is exactly a week since I last wrote to you but I am now hoping to be able to resume more regular correspondence. At 5-30 last evening Grandad & Auntie Dorothy set out in Pounds limousine & I trust arrived safely home again some 80 minutes, or so, later. Grandad has appeared to enjoy his visit & has certainly been very appreciative of my care. And how he has enjoyed his food!! In spite of his 80 years he has relished his dinner at night & slept like the proverbial top until wakened for breakfast next morning. He has given me £2 for taking so much care of him & presently I am going out shopping & intend to get a nice set of undies with it. You know, of course, how expenditure is restricted by the use of coupons for all clothing except hats. I was [inserted] We were [/inserted] delighted to have your cable last Wednesday, dated 21st, & I will send the things you ask for as soon as they are ready. I have got you two pairs of good quality grey socks & a very good friend has let me have six tablets of lifebuoy soap (toilet) Our ration is one tablet a week each, for all purposes, (personal & household). I now need
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the towels to complete your request & those I shall try to get this morning. They will no doubt be very inferior quality but I do hope you will receive them all right & I will try to let you have a quarterly parcel regularly if you wish. As you know we are not allowed to send any food stuffs of any kind (I still have the Oxo box packed with tea cigarettes chocolate & sweets which was refused at Nelson P.O. & which the censor also refused permission for me to send) nor any tobacco, cigarettes, fountain pens, watches = in fact there is very little indeed that we can send. I wondered if you would like to try knitting yourself some socks. We [underlined] are [/underlined] allowed to send wool & needles but it is comical to imagine you trying to “turn a heel”. And while on the subject of parcels I must tell you that it will probably be many months before your first parcel arrives & as you know I have to send it to the Red Cross first. A gentleman in Nelson, whose officer son is in Germany, told me that the parcels to him take about 8 months. Now I must say Goodbye for this morning & prepare for my shopping expedition. For the past week we have had terrific gales, but no rain, & vegetation is suffering. Many of my precious plants are shrivelling for want of rain. All our love & thoughts & prayers always with you Mother & Dad.
755052 Hudson
Camp Militaire
Laghouat, Algerie.



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