Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents



Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents


Comments on weather and arrival of spring and tells of her activities. Writes that they still have good wholesome food despite rationing. Catches up with news of friends, gossip and other activities. Mentions drastic reduction in petrol ration which will stop any joy riding.




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191 Halifax Road
Nelson Lancs.
Friday 7-30 a.m. 13/3/42.
My dear Douglas.
The days are lengthening rapidly & Dad has just gone out into a light world with lots of frozen snow & bitter cold. = I suppose we forget but it seems a very long time since we had such a long spell of severe wintry weather. I remember the first March we were at Worsley what a lovely Spring time it was & Mrs Ellis calling for me to go out into the Spring sunshine on March 9th. I also remember having my afternoon cup of tea in the sunny corner of the garden one day in March. Today of course there are many differences & I rarely indulge in afternoon tea these days = only if callers arrive. As I have told you many times I go out a great deal here & enjoy it very much but I usually have to hustle around to make dinner ready in time for Dad. We still have enough good wholesome food in spite of rationing. It is really surprising how one can manage to adjust conditions & circumstances. I just keep on reading my last batch of letters received between Jan. 24th & 31st & dating from Oct 22nd to Nov. 25th. It is a relief to us to know that conditions are not too bad & always such joy in the hope of glad reunion. Very Very [sic] often I try to picture your return. The days pass quickly away & age relentlessly takes its toll & we must be prepared for inevitable changes but one thing will ever remain = our deep love. Such joyous memories I have & I am just living in the
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hope that one day, perhaps sooner than we realize, our happiness may be renewed.
I have not yet written to Mrs Randall nor have I received a letter from her. I wonder, is it that we each fear to intrude. The last week in February was Warship week in M.c.r. & we notice in the list of contributions published in the Guardian that your old firm had given £5,000. I wonder if you have heard from E.W.F. lately. I wrote to him at Christmas to the address he gave, The Athenaeum Club, but have no response so far. Not that the message called for any =. You know of course that he now has a full-time post in the National Fire Service. The said service has been getting into various troubles lately for many delinquencies including the extravagant use of petrol. We read of one service not a hundred miles from M.c.r. using petrol, & of course a bus, to take a party to a football match in Scotland. But according to a new order issued yesterday there is to be a future drastic reduction in the petrol ration & it looks as though joy-riding will be stopped altogether & rightly so. Dad & I have felt very sore about many of the goings on very near to us. Strange how even a war of this magnitude strikes hard at some & leaves others in blissful possession of almost peace-time activities. Now love I must say Goodbye to you again I am due at the hairdresser’s at 11 a.m. & have my usual little duties to perform in the meantime. All our love & thoughts are ever with you. God bless you always
Mother & Dad.
755052 Hudson
Camp Militaire
Laghouat Algerie. North Afrique



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